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Electronics Recycling in Fountain Valley

All Green Recycling can handle Fountain Valley electronic waste recycling. We provide secure and certified services for an individual and a corporation. So call us now for your safe and secure e-waste recycling needs.


Electronics Recycling

We put premium on convenience. So if you need electronic waste recycling service, just schedule for a pickup so that it would be less hassle on your company’s part.

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IT Asset Disposition

Don’t let IT asset disposal deter you from making money. We know how to refurbish and remarket some parts of your electronics that will still fetch a handsome price.

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Data Destruction

Allow us to make sure that your electronic wastes are free from information that could go to the wrong hands through our digital data wiping and shredding.

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Equipment Destruction

Be wary of some sneaky black market entrepreneurs who might resell your old electronic devices. Allow us to handle equipment destruction completely and professionally.

Electronics Recycling Fountain Valley Services By All Green

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Fountain Valley is an upper middle-class neighborhood in Orange County, California. So expected the over 55,000 residents of the area own at least one electronic device that could render a million pollutants. And because they can afford it, chances are these residents are prone to upgrade their electronic devices as soon as a new one is introduced to the market. You need to recycle your old electronics through our Electronics Recycling Fountain Valley Services.

If you are a resident of Fountain Valley, or if you own a company operating in the area, you best have ties with All Green Recycling, which can handle anyone’s electronic recycling needs. Mother Earth needs to be treated better and throwing electronic devices carelessly in the regular garbage dumps is not helping the environment. Our firm is proud to practice electronic waste recycling that is at par with environmental standards created by experts.

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IT Asset Disposition

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All Green Recycling is an expert in recycling electronic wastes while making sure those parts that are no longer salvageable will not end up in the landfills where there is a danger that dangerous chemicals will seep into groundwater and eventually end up in our homes. Our employees take extra precaution in making electronic waste disposal safe and secure.

When you call for our service, we will assure you that the processes involved are top-notch. Our secure and certified services also do not discriminate in terms of company size. When it comes to the procedures, we provide the following:

  • Packaging of electronic wastes
  • Scheduled pickups
  • Transportation
  • Receipt of electronic wastes
  • Reporting
  • Destroy/reuse/recycle the item—whichever is more appropriate

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World-Class Electronics Recycling and IT Asset Remarketing at Your Service

We could also help you earn some dough from your wastes. Some of these electronic wastes can be refurbished, hence, could still make their way to the market to be resold. The goal of electronic waste recycling is for your old gadgets not to end up as pollutants. But if you earn money from the process, then wouldn’t that be better?

Fountain Valley Hard Drive Shredding, California

There are other companies that provide electronic waste recycling in Fountain Valley, but what sets us apart from other companies is that we report our progress to our client. This way, the paying customer knows exactly what is happening to his or her electronic wastes. We can also provide real-time updates.

Say in the case of hard drive shredding: you want to be updated when the equipment has already been shredded to small pieces to prevent the possibility of having those in the black market and to bar information from getting into the wrong hands. Once you engage our services, you will be able to monitor the progress of the service considering out modern facilities.

Contact us today for more details about our Electronics Recycling Fountain Valley Services.