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Recycling old and disposable electronic products is now made easy and simple by All Green Recycling – a trusted e-waste recycling company in the U.S. and North America.


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Dispose of your retiring old electronics through our proven and tested Electronics Recycling system.

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The destruction of confidential information, files and data should be done only by professionals, experts.

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Electronics Recycling Westminster Services By All Green

Westminster ImageThere are already current laws and regulations that protect the environment through disposing of any end-of-life tech item in a proper way. It simply means the dumping of electronic trash in the landfills is strictly prohibited. It’s not good if you’ll just throw away your old computer or mobile phone in a garbage bin because it’ll surely end up to be deposited in a landfill here or abroad. The best remedy now is to recycle, reuse and remarket your recyclable unit. So try our Electronics Recycling Westminster Services. All Green Recycling is a legitimate company that provides easy and efficient E-Waste Management Solutions.

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Westminster, California

With over 88,000 people as residents, Westminster is a city located in Orange County. In the 1970s, a large number of Vietnamese refugees settled in a a Westminster area now known as Little Saigon.

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Recycle Electronics ImageAll landfill spaces not only in this country but in the entire planet should be clean and free from the toxic materials the end-of-life electronic devices have. Those products contain mercury, lead, zinc, copper, iron, nickel, barium, cadmium, among others. They are toxic and can kill flora and fauna and even the bodies of water in this world.

The need protect the environment is escalating. Conserving the remaining natural resources is of utmost importance. These can all be done through a responsible electronic waste recycling. This is the reason why you need to schedule our free-of-charge electronic waste pickup service or to find our nearest drop-off location.

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