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Recycle Your Old CRT Television & Other Electronics


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CRT televisions must be recycled. At All Green Electronics Recycling we recycle CRT televisions for you. CRT recycling and disposal is one of our specialties. Bulky CRT television finally given up the ghost? Realizing the cost and space savings you could make if you switch to an LCD or LED television? CRT televisions contain a wealth of valuable recyclable materials, from metal to plastics to glass. All Green Electronics Recycling will be your partner every step of the way, picking up your heavy CRT for you and recycling every part from it in an ethical, optimized way.



Centrally Managed Recycling Process


We individualize your equipment disposal needs in order to save you both time and money. Our team is highly trained in the technical field and can decommission, repurpose, and refurbish unwanted equipment in order to recycle all precious metals and increase revenue for you. Not only is the e-recycling process safer for the environment, it assists in creating revenue for outdated equipment.

All Green Electronics Recycling Makes Recycling Easy And Convenient


Our team of professionals come to your location to package, label, and remove equipment. These services are done without incurring higher fees or service charges for you. Due to our large fleet of trucks, we are able to conveniently provide these services for you. Appointments for disposal can be made any day of the week at any time. You can also track your equipment through an online management portal system to keep you informed.

We Minimize Risk With Secure Disposal Of All Data


We provide the utmost care and quality assurance with all of your stored data. Prior to the disposal of equipment, we remove and manage all information to ensure the safety of you, your company, and client information. We currently hold the highest certifications for R2 Responsible Recycling and ISO 14001 certification, and have the highest reputation for providing integrity and assurance to all recycled equipment. We are the most used and sought after service provider for ITAD.

We Help Maximize Remarketing Value For End Of Life All Electronic Devices


Our goal is to decrease mankind’s environmental footprint by reducing and restricting the potential hazardous pollutants from mechanical devices. Unsafely disposing of equipment not only incurs large fines for you but can also damage the reputation of your company. We ensure that all devices are recycled and disposed of safely and within all governmental guidelines. We routinely go above the minimum requirements to not only benefit the reputation of your company but to also protect our planet and build a better tomorrow.

Flow Diagram Of Electronics Recycling Process


Many residential and commercial users have moved in to flat panel televisions and monitors from Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions and CRT monitors. Many residential and commercial consumers are unsure what to do with old CRT televisions. As one of the most established CRT television recycling service providers in the U.S., we provide guidance and consulting to residential and commercial consumers on how to safely recycle old CRT televisions.

Importance of Recycling CRT Televisions

The cathode ray tube consists of glass components along its periphery. These glass components are coated with lead and other hazardous materials that can adversely affect the environment if not properly recycled. On average, a CRT Television set contains a minimum of six pounds of lead. When this lead gets mixed with the soil, it can pollute and poison the ground water. When several thousand CRT television sets get trashed, it can cause considerable damage to the environment. Such trashed CRT television sets also affects the health of people living in the community.

Using the Latest Technology for handling Lead-Coated CRT Glass

Our recycling process incorporates the latest available technology for separating lead from glass. Using this technology, we separate both lead and glass and then send them back as raw materials to the manufacturing stream. We make use of a highly safe process wherein CRT tubes are placed in an electric furnace. Then a solution containing environmentally-safe chemicals is then added to separate the lead from the glass.

Recycling Crttv ImageThis furnace separation process is completely safe and does not result in any emissions or hazardous waste. The process makes use of an electrolytic converter inside which both the CRT glass and the chemical solvents are melted under controlled conditions. At the end of this process, the metallic lead extract gets separated from glass, and this lead extract is then passed through another process wherein lead ingots get formed. The lead ingot is then sold to lead dealers at a suitable price based on the commodity exchange prices.

The entire process is transparent, and customers are continuously updated regarding the status of their CRT television sets. We ensure that customers participating in our recycling program are rewarded. We do this by giving them suitable monetary reward based on the price for which the processed lead ingots had been sold.

Our employees working in the recycling plant have been given proper training before they are allowed to work with the electrolytic converters. We can either collect CRT television sets from our residential and commercial customers directly by visiting their premises, or pick them up from collection points available in the region.