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Laptop Recycling: How to Recycle Your Laptop?

On average, 320 tons of gold and 7,500 tons of silver are used worldwide to construct computers each year. It is a fraction of the cost to recover these materials..

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How to Dispose of a Printer

Printers, copiers, and fax machines are among the most common electronics in any work environment, whether in a home office or corporate building. Wear and tear from frequent use combined..

Best Place To Sell Electronics

29 Of The Best Place to Sell Electronics

On a global level, 40 million tons of electronic waste is generated each year. With the advancements in technology and the need to always upgrade, it is our responsibility to..

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Are CD Cases Recyclable? Are CDs Recyclable too?

Compact disks may well represent the last generation of a dying breed. As the necessity for physical media continues to dwindle with the introduction and expansion of digital streaming services,..


Recycling Computer Parts

E-waste is on the rise and is becoming an issue all across the globe. The problem is worse in developing..

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How Businesses Dispose of Electronic Waste

E-waste is a growing problem in the United States. As the shelf life of electronics decreases and we are buying..

What To Do With Old Hard Drive

What to Do with Old Hard Drives That You’re Tired of Keeping

Hard drives are an important part of most electronic devices especially computers and mobile phones. On average, each one lasts about 2 to 5 years according to a report by..

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Exposed! 10 Surprising E-Waste Facts You Didn’t Know

E-Waste is one of the fastest growing types of waste, both in the United States and globally. The current electronics recycling efforts by the ITAD industry are simply no match..

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4 Affordable IT Asset Disposal Best Practices

Did you know that due to lack of proper IT asset disposition, the U.S throws away $60 million worth of gold, silver and other precious metals annually? Parts from old..

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How to Dispose of Electronics

Electronic devices have become an integral part of how we live, more so, our small, portable, and smart mobile phones that we carry everywhere we go. In fact, there were..

Dispose Of Old Computers Right Way And Wrong Way - Agr

There’s A Right and A Wrong Way to Dispose of Old Computers

Computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, e-readers: Americans can’t get enough of technology. Technology is developing at an almost unbelievable rate, and we are eager to jump on each new device..

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The Environmental And Economic Imperative For Recycling Computers

What a difference two decades can make! It was less than twenty years ago that computers were sometimes a luxury and sometimes a novelty. Schools often had one computer per..

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Where To Dispose Of Electronics? Places You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

You should never just dispose of electronics in the trash. Electronic waste from computers and peripheral equipment such as CPUs, laptops, PDAs and networking systems contain potentially harmful components such..

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The Top Recycling Programs In The U.S. for 2017

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Americans produce over 200 million tons of trash annually. Out of this, 75% is recyclable yet we only recycle, through recycling programs, about..


How to Make Money from Your IT Assets With These 5 ITAD Secrets

You can make money from IT asset disposition (ITAD) and create revenue-generating ITAD from equipment liquidation by retiring your decommissioned hardware & technology assets with a certified ITAD vendor. You..

Dispose Of Light Bulbs

How to Dispose of Light Bulbs: The Ultimate Guide

To dispose of light bulbs, it’s simple: Incandescent bulbs can be thrown in the black trash bin, but fluorescent, compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs must be..

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CAER – Coalition for American Electronics Recycling

Protecting American citizens, the military and public health is of great concern to the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling. The goal of this company is to support responsible electronics recycling..

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What you need to know about Recycling LEDs

Disposing of Led Light Bulbs In an effort to incorporate “sustainable” lifestyle practices in the home, and work towards a greener environment for generations to come, many homeowners have turned..

Electronics Recycling

Types Of Electronic Recycling

Did you know only about 10 percent of cell phones get recycled? Sure, recycling has become a part of our everyday lives, with catchphrases such as “reduce, reuse, recycle” fast..

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How To Properly Recycle a School’s Electronic Waste

All too often the chaos of the classroom takes priority over chores such as rubbish collection and recycling. The poor janitor can’t accommodate elaborate recycling requirements on top of the..

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Basel Action Network Article Summary

The proliferation of electronic devices during the 1990s created a hazardous waste epidemic within the United States. In 1997, a 501(c)3 charitable organization formed to combat the growing public health..

Recycle Your Old Phone

5 Reasons To Recycle Your Old Phone

Mobile phones are the most useful and trendy gadgets available nowadays. A mobile phone can be a way to connect offline (via text messaging or via voice call) and online..

Recycle Electronics

5 Reasons To Recycle Electronics

Gadgets are a trend that never goes out of style. Every month new models of cellphones, laptops and other electronic devices flood the news and attract consumers. People become so..

Tv Recycling

5 TV Recycling Essentials

Did you know that U.S. consumers throw away approximately 400 million units of electronic equipment every year, TV sets included? Just like any other electronic, a TV set contains harmful..

Laptop Recycling

3 Reasons To Recycle Your Old Laptop

You have a laptop, right? But, you plan to buy a new one. Before you do, consider recycling your old laptop. With respect to recycling old laptops, this blog will..

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7 Reasons You Should Recycle An Old Computer

Computer Recycling Advancement in technology continues to grow at a galloping rate, such that every year better models of computers are released. This in return renders the old models obsolete,..


Federal Government’s Green Initiative Challenge Program Sees Success

As an exercise aimed at promoting environmental awareness and the beneficial effects of electronic product recycling, the United States Environmental Protection Agency launched the Federal Green Challenge program to all..


Hong Kong to Build $550 Million E-Recycling Facility

A German recycling company, ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions, recently won a $550 million contract to construct and run Hong Kong’s first e-recycling center. Awarded by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection..

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Is Recycling Cost Effective?

In elementary school, you may have heard the phrase “Reduce, reuse, recycle.” With current rates of sustainability, this phrase may become more relevant than chanting the phrase in a third..


EPA Hails E-Recycling Progress and Opportunities to Improve

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a report showing progress in e-recycling (electronic waste recycling) on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 in Washington D.C. Additionally, EPA representatives identified opportunities for..

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How Does Recycling Electronics Help the Environment?

What is E-Waste? Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, comprised 1.87 million short tons of consumer matter in 2013. This amount accounts for 40% of total recycled consumer electronics. A..


How to Degauss a Hard Drive

Do you know how to degauss a hard drive? Degaussing a hard-drive is a little bit more complicated than just erasing all of the data like when you format a..


How to Recycle Electronics Devices

Although many people out there know about recycling in general, there are still a lot of people who do not how to recycle electronics. There’s a difference in the way..


How to Get Rid of Old Computers

Would you like some ideas on how to get rid of old computers responsibly? These days technology is so popular, it’s no longer just the computer geeks who end up..

What Is A Crt Tv - Agr

What Is a CRT TV?

What is a CRT TV? A CRT television is a type of television that was most widely used back before the invention of the flat screen television. CRT stands for..


Where to Recycle Electronics

Not everyone knows where to recycle electronics. Electronics waste (aka e-waste) is on the rise. It is becoming such an important issue that new laws and regulations are being made..

Where To Recycle Old Tvs - Agr

Where To Recycle Old TVs ?

Did you know that some regions, even states currently ban televisions and other electronic waste from being dumped in landfills? If you are looking into where to recycle old TVs,..


Where Can I Recycle Old TVs?

Are you interested in finding out where you can recycle old TVs? Having older style cathode ray tube televisions in your home can be hazardous for children. If this CRT..

Electric Cars Pros And Cons Image - Agr

Electric Cars Pros and Cons

Electric cars have their pros and cons. Fairly new to the automobile industry is the electric car (EV). Some car manufactures have dedicated their craft to producing only electric vehicles,..


How to Dispose of Your Printer

How do you dispose of your printer properly? If printers aren’t disposed properly, the components of the printer that contain dangerous materials are dumped into landfills or worse, burned. This..


How To Recycle Electronics

“For every million cell phones we recycle, 35 thousand pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium can be recovered.” How Do..


Recycling Old TVs Responsibly

This is a guide on recycling old TVs responsibly. In today’s age, televisions are in almost every home, many times families will own multiple sets. When we choose not to..


TV Recycling Process

“According to the EPA, recycling just one computer and one monitor is the equivalent to preventing 1.35 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from being released. The recycling of one..

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Why it’s Important to Recycle Electronics

Many people agree that recycling, in general, is important. So why is it that more people participate in the recycling of materials like plastics, paper and glass than the recycling..


Where To Recycle Computers

Maybe you just got a new computer, or are cleaning house and are looking in to where to recycle computers. Whatever the reason may be, you’ve got a computer that..

Ccellular Phones Are Recycled Differently From Other Electronics

Cell Phones Are Recycled Differently From Other Electronics

When it comes to the recycling process of our electronic waste, not all electronics are processed in exactly the same way. CRT televisions and monitors are processed differently from LCD..

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How Electronics Recycling Impacts Our Environment

It’s a well-known fact that recycling is important for our environment. There are a lot of people around the world who participate in the recycling of materials like plastics, paper,..


The Proper Way To Recycle Your Electronics

Do you know the proper way to recycle your electronics? There are a lot of people out there who do not, and the amount of electronics waste (aka e-waste) is..


The True Impact of Not Recycling Old Electronics

Our electronic devices can be a highly useful and truly beneficial part of our everyday lives. We use them to connect with each other, locate information, provide us with directions..


How To Recycle Electronics – A Beginners Guide

This is a guide on how to recycle electronics. It is important not to simply throw away your electronics. Not only is recycling electronics good for the enviornment, but when..


Where Do Our Recycled Electronics Go ?

Have you ever wondered where your recycled e-waste ends up? If you are an environmentally responsible electronics recycler, you may or may not already know the answer to this question...