Recycling Old TVs Responsibly

This is a guide on recycling old TVs responsibly. In today’s age, televisions are in almost every home, many times families will own multiple sets. When we choose not to responsibly dispose of our television sets, we increase air pollution, water pollution, spike greenhouse gases, and expose our children to the negative health effects of improperly disposed of e-waste.

Here are some guidelines on recycling old TVs responsibly


Don’t leave your old television on the curb, particularly if it is an older style Cathode Ray Tube television. Chances are, people won’t be interested. It will sit on the curb until it gets damaged or wet, which will only compound the problem. Don’t throw your TV in the trash either – it not only harms the earth, it is illegal.

The EPA estimates that about one hundred million old style CRT TVs are currently in storage, waiting to be disposed of. They contain lead, heavy metals and a host of other dangerous materials. A responsible recycler will be certified so you can be sure your television will be disposed of properly. If they are certified, you can breathe easy knowing that your CRT will be recycled in a responsible way in a local area. An alarming trend is shipping America’s e-waste into underdeveloped countries. A responsible recycler will not do this.

What Happens When We Recycle Old TVs Responsibly?

CRT TVs can be dismantled safely by a good recycler. Much of the valuable material can be reclaimed. The best e-cyclers are investing in technology that allows them to separate the lead in CRT TVs from its glass. This technology puts both of the raw materials into manufacturing, effectively preserving resources and removing harmful metals from the public vicinity.

You can look into recycling old TVs by donating them to a worthy cause. Stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army will accept televisions, and sell them to a family in need, as well as training and hiring disadvantaged neighbors of yours. If you cannot find a Goodwill, or Salvation army, consider Freecycle, and online forum where people in your community offer free products they no longer need, and can request products as well.

Of course, catching up with your local chain store is always an option. Best Buy has the most competitive drop off program. You can drop off any television smaller than thirty two inches for ten dollars, but in return you will get a ten dollar gift card to spend in the store. Additionally, Best Buy offers to pick up your old set from your house for a fee of $130.00. The two office retail giants, Staples and Office Max will take old televisions for around ten to fifteen dollars.

Finally, you can check your television manufacturer’s website to find drop off locations. Currently most televisions are accepted here, and even if you go to a specific manufacturer drop off spot with a television that is not that brand, they will take it for a small fee. Recycling old TVs is the right thing to do – remember to be responsible!


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