Where to Sell Old Used Electronics

Do you know where to sell old electronics? Technology is advancing at an astronomical rate these days, it seems. And although this can be very thrilling and exciting, there is also a huge downside to it that seems to be becoming a bigger problem all across the globe. The good news is you can actually be part of the solution to this problem.

You can do the world a “world of good” by selling your old electronics. It’s easy to do and not only will you be putting some extra cash in your pockets, you will also be benefiting the environment in a major way. It’s a win/win situation.

Here is a list of where to sell old electronics online, in alphabetical order.

Where to Sell Old Electronics: 10 Options to Turn Your Old Gadgets into Cash

This is one of the biggest and most popular retail websites in the world. There are 2 ways you can use the Amazon website to sell your old gadgets. You can either participate in the Amazon Trade-In program, where the site gives you Amazon store credit in the form of an e-gift card, or you can list your old electronics for sale and have the money direct deposited into your bank account after you make a sale.

This site also has a trade-in program for your old electronics. You fill out a questionnaire on the website and then they send you an offer in return. If you accept their offer, you can then send your item to them or take it to a local Best Buy store that handles trade-ins on-site. Similar to Amazon.com, they will reward you with a gift card for their store.

This site gives you a free quote, and if you accept their offer, you ship your electronic device to them. After processing, you can get paid either by check or via PayPal.

This site is a well-known and highly popular e-commerce/online auction site with several options for sellers. You can either list your items in an auction, you can do a buy-it-now or best offer sale, and there is also eBay Instant sell that lets you trade in electronics that are no longer working. eBay issues payments via PayPal.

This is another site that will give you a quote for your old electronics and if you accept, you then ship your item to them. They issue your payment either as an Amazon gift card, a PayPal payment, a check, or you can donate your money to one of the charities they are affiliated with.

This site is known for paying the highest amounts of cash for old electronics. It charges a fee of 12% on your first $100 and 8% on any amount over that. You may have to pay shipping charges. You can receive your payment in Bitcoin, a check ($2 fee), or direct deposit into your bank account.

After receiving and accepting their offer, you have the option of either shipping your items to NextWorth or dropping them off at a store. (Target is a NextWorth store) You are paid either by check or PayPal

Now that you know where to sell old electronics, you can be part of the electronics recycling process and help make the world a better place.


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