These 3 Gadgets Will Earn You The Most Come Trade-In Time

Wondering how to recycle electronics for cash and earn real money from IT waste?

Selling your old and used gadgets on one of the many buyback websites (like Sell Broke and BuyBackWorld) is your best bet to turn closet-dwelling tech into greenbacks…

But which electronic devices have the best resale value?

You Can Get Up To $1,292 For a 2013 Mac Pro

Specs: Quad Core, 3.7 GHz processor, 1 TB SSD, 64 GB RAM

The late 2013 model of the Mac Pro with these specifications can be sold for a hefty amount. Here’s how much you’ll be able to get on average, based on the condition of your Apple product:

  • Bad or broken (e.g. serious physical defects, doesn’t power on properly etc.) – $240
  • Average (e.g. no functional defects, but moderate to normal physical wear like scratches etc.) – $1131
  • Superb (e.g. everything works properly, minimal signs of use etc.) – $1292

This information is accurate as of June, 2018.

Got An Apple iMac Retina With These Specs Lying Around? You Could Sell It for $1100…

Specs: 5k core i7 processor @ 4.0 GHz, 27-inch display, 1 TB SSD, 32 GB RAM

If you have an old iMac Retina (preferably a late-2014 model) with these specs, you can potentially apply the recycle electronics for cash ethos by selling it! Here’s what cash you might expect, depending on its condition:

  • Bad or broken (e.g. doesn’t power on as it should, the display is damaged etc.) – $250
  • Average (e.g. small display problems like dead pixels) – $966
  • Superb (e.g. almost as good as new with only very tiny scratches on the display) – $110

This information is accurate as of June, 2018.

Your Old Microsoft Surface Pro Could Earn You $950!

Specs: 1 TB HDD, Intel Core i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM

Do you have a circa 2017 model Microsoft Surface Pro with similar specs, and you’d like to sell it for real money? Well its resale value is approximately:

  • Bad or broken (e.g. cracked display, damaged casing, missing buttons etc.) – $150
  • Average (e.g. no cracks, no missing buttons, just normal signs of wear etc.) – $850
  • Superb (e.g. everything works as intended, only very small signs of wear etc) – $950

This information is accurate as of June, 2018.

Not On The List? How To Dispose Of Old Electronics: Other Ways To Make Money

Not everyone has a high-end laptop lying around to recycle for cash.

But there are other options to dispose of electronic waste and make some cash on the side.

1. Sell Individual Electronic Parts And Components

You can sell different electronic components on sell-anything-online sites like Ebay or even Amazon. The catch is that you’ll have to sell them yourself by posting your items for sale.

2. Earn More By Repairing Broken Electronic Devices Before Selling Them

If you have an old PC, tablet, smartphone, gaming console etc. that you want to get rid of, but it’s in poor condition (i.e. broken and not working), then it might be a good idea to refurbish the device first.

Then, once it’s running and in decent shape, you can resell it on Ebay, Craigslist, Letgo etc.

It’s a great option if you know a thing or two about how electronics work and how to repair them.

3. Sell Your Electronic Devices To Scrap Yards

For old gadgets in a permanently broken condition, you can recycle electronics for cash by selling anything from whole computers and laptops to keyboards and processors at electronic scrap yards.

Google the term ‘electronic scrap yards near me’ will help you find the closest scrap yard that could pay you for your old electronics.

If You Can’t Recycle Electronics For Cash, We Can Help

Can’t make cash from that old laptop that you no longer use?

Want to dump a faulty smartphone?

Our certified electronics recycling services, ranging from cellphone to hard drive recycling, can help.

But if you’re a business with a large volume, where to recycle old electronics? Request a pickup and we can come to you!

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