The Benefits and Dangers of IT Equipment Resale

IT Equipment

IT equipment resale is a big decision for businesses and any organization concerned about data destruction. Choosing to resell hardware can have long-term implications and either be beneficial or detrimental to the company. Here is a look at both sides of this issue to help you make an informed decision for your organization.

The Benefits of IT equipment resale

The most obvious benefit is in relation to money. When you sell your outdated equipment, you recoup some of the cost of replacing it. How much you get back depends on how long you kept it and if it’s still in working order.

While people may not think much about selling an old laptop or printer, multiple that price by dozens or even hundreds of components for every employee or department and you can see where the savings would add up. Smaller companies especially appreciate this advantage because they often run on a tight budget for new IT equipment.

Even if you donate the equipment because it has very little value, you can write it off as a charity donation to reduce taxes. This is another option that appeals to smaller or medium-size businesses looking to save money.

The Dangers of Selling Outdated IT Equipment

The most important danger for selling your outdated IT equipment is security. Data destruction is such an important component of this scenario because of customer confidentiality and industry regulations. If confidential information should fall into the wrong hands, your company would be held responsible.

Deleting files and folders and reformatting drives aren’t enough to ensure the data is erased. In fact, you can count on the fact that it’s still on there somewhere. While you may not be able to retrieve it, a professional would. Even if the device no longer works, the data is still stored and can be accessed with the right process.

The only way to securely remove the data is through professional data destruction. Several processes exist to remove data without damaging the equipment, such as data wiping. You can talk to a data destruction company about their processes. Reputable companies like All Green provide a certification of destruction to keep with your records. They also provide reports showing the chain of command and the process of data destruction from the time it entered the facility until completion.

In truth, the benefits of IT equipment resale far outweigh the risks if you work with a reputable company for data destruction. You can recoup some of the expense of replacement while getting rid of electronics you no longer need. You also do a good deed by providing affordable electronics to others who couldn’t purchase new products, whether you choose to sell or donate your devices.

Before you decide on selling your equipment, make sure you protect your company by choosing a company with a reputation for data destruction. Then, you can feel safe in getting rid of those items no longer needed in a responsible way.

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