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3 Things To Know Before Pick the Best Laptop for Home Use

Americans spend more of their free time using laptops than we do reading, relaxing or exercising, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals. Clearly, laptops mean a lot to us! That’s..

What To Do With Old Hard Drive

What to Do with Old Hard Drives That You’re Tired of Keeping

Hard drives are an important part of most electronic devices especially computers and mobile phones. On average, each one lasts about 2 to 5 years according to a report by..

Exposed 10 Surprising E-Waste Facts You Didn'T Know Banner

Exposed! 10 Surprising E-Waste Facts You Didn’t Know

E-Waste is one of the fastest growing types of waste, both in the United States and globally. The current electronics recycling efforts by the ITAD industry are simply no match..

What Is The Goal Of Secure Data Destruction Image

What is the Goal of Secure Data Destruction? 4 Reasons To Implement It

Imagine selling your old computers and getting blackmailed for a lot of money in a few years because of it. Everything from your old client information to private emails are..

It Equipment Resale

The Benefits and Dangers of IT Equipment Resale

IT equipment resale is a big decision for businesses and any organization concerned about data destruction. Choosing to resell hardware..

Is Data Protected When You Recycle Electronics

Is Data Protected When You Recycle Electronics?

Image courtesy Bill Burris/ Effective data destruction is a primary concern for organizations and individuals when replacing outdated hardware with..

Shredding Image

When to Use Shredding for Data Destruction

Thanks to modern technology and newly designed equipment, there are several methods to dealing with data destruction. Shredding is one of the most straightforward options, and often the first choice..

Extending The Life Of Appliances Image

How To Extend The Life Of Appliances

When it comes time to replace those worn out appliances, we all know how taxing it can be on our pocket. Making sure you get the most out of your..


Composting is Recycling – Here’s What You Should Know

Too often we think of “recycling” as something we do with the plastic and glass bottles we don’t want to throw in the trash, but there’s more to recycling around..

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The easiest source for identity theft best identity theft protection

Computers and laptops are becoming obsolete faster than ever before. As we move more of our personal data onto computers, criminals are using the content left over on our old..


What’s the point of conserving Water?

The best time to trim trees is typically in the winter, when cold weather tells your trees it is time to go dormant. Certain woody shrubs, such as rhododendrons and..

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Recycling Tip: Plastic Bottle Caps

Photo Credit: We all know that plastic bottles are bad for the environment, but if you do use them, you recycle them. Right? But what about the plastic bottle..

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Recycling at the Olympic Track & Field Trials

Photo Credit: 1800 Recycling The Olympic Track and Field trials in Eugene, Oregon drew in a large amount of foot traffic, with over 25,000 people a day spending most of..

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Furniture Line Made From Recycled Cardboard

Photo Credit: SmartDeco If you had a dorm or off-campus apartment in college like I did, you probably know how inconvenient it is to buy furniture. After all, you’re often..

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Is Hawaii’s Plastic Bag Ban Effective?

Photo Credit: Treehugger Although there have been a number of city-level bans on plastic bags in the United States, Hawaii is the first state to pass a statewide law regarding..

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Cell Phone Powered by Walking?

Cell phones will always die at the most inconvenient time… probably when there is no charger in site. But what if you could power your phone, or other electronic device,..

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Green Guardian: Arman Sadeghi

Photo Credit: Recycling Today All Green Electronics Recycling CEO Arman Sadeghi was featured once again in Recycling Today. The article talks about how the company came to be, what we..

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Results of Some Successful All Green Events

We just delivered some more checks after successful events and wanted to share the photos with you. Nathan delivering an event check to Saint Francis Church in Simi Valley, CA...

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The Zero Waste Family

According to the EPA, the average American throws away roughly 1,000 pounds of garbage a year. A family of four in California is attempting to reduce this number by living..

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Partner Spotlight: Reconstruction Warehouse on NBC News

One of our partners, Reconstruction Warehouse, was featured on NBC News. Check out the video below: View more videos at:

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All Green is on Pinterest

Who else has been obsessed with Pinterest lately? I’ve been finding some great images of interesting electronics and upcycled items and posting them to the All Green Pinterest account. Here..

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3-D Chocolate Printer Makes Custom Treats

  Photo Credit: There have been some fun innovations in technology, but this one just looks delicious. University of Exetor senior lecturer and materials scientist Liang Hao founded a..

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Benefits of Choosing Greener Electronics (Infographic)

Newer electronics are designed to be less toxic, longer-lasting, more energy efficient, and easier to recycle. This has contributed to major reductions in environmental impact. A green electronics rating system..

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5 Tips for a Green Easter Basket

If you celebrate Easter and have some last-minute shopping to do, here are some tips for keeping your Easter basket eco-friendly! Make sure you choose your Easter chocolate wisely! For..

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3D Solar Panels May Be More Efficient

Photo Credit: Discovery News We think of solar panels as flat panels arranged to face the sun. But why are they flat? And more importantly, could they be more efficient..

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World Water Day 2012

Credit: Did you know that March 22 is World Water Day? If so, great! If not, read more… It is an initiative that grew out of the United Nations..

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Nokia Patents Vibrating Tattoo

I’ll often set my cell phone to vibrate, but my arm? That’s a new one. Nokia, a company known for its green innovations, recently filed a U.S. patent application for..

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An “Unprinter” for Laser-Printed Paper

What if you could “unprint” and reuse paper? It may soon be possible. Scientists at the University of Cambridge (England) have developed a method that allows lasers to remove the..

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4 Tips for a Green Saint Patrick’s Day

  Saint Patrick’s Day is all about the color green—so what better way to celebrate than by doing it in an “All Green” manner? Earth 911 had some great tips..

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Mission Viejo Library Event Photo

Check out All Green Electronics Recycling employee Gaston presenting a check to the Friends of the Mission Viejo Library after a successful event!

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All Green Employees Participate in 40-Yard Dash

Check out All Green employees participating in the 40-yard dash– in full business attire! What do you think? Could you do better?

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Recycling Tip: Can You Recycle Address Labels?

One of our readers recently asked us an excellent recycling question: Can I recycle paper that is sticky on the back, like address labels, sticky notes.  If so, can I..

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Hawaii Proposes Plastic Bag Fee

Photo Credit: Treehugger If House Bill 2260 passes in Hawaii, the state would become the first one to charge for disposable and plastic bags. The measure would attempt to discourage..

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What’s In Your Trash? (Infographic)

We generate a lot of trash. In 2010, Americans generated more than 250 tons of garbage. That’s a lot! Did you know that the cleaning services industry brings in more..

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Electronic waste finds big life with popularity of Apple

This guest post is contributed by Lillian Swift. Credit: Apple While new technology reduces paper waste significantly, there is great concern over e-waste. For the uninitiated, e-waste refers to discarded..

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6 Of Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Articles

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate it! In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some links for you! 5 Tips for a Green Valentine’s Day Singing Cards Bad for..

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Three Hershey Plants Achieve “Zero-Waste-to-Landfill” Status

Last week, the Hershey Company announced that three of its manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania have achieved “Zero-Waste-to-Landfill” status as a result of Hershey’s efforts to enhance sustainability. Two of these..

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Singing Cards Bad for Environment

Is it just me, or are electronic greeting cards taking over the card aisle at the store? The singing or the lights are cute for half a second, but after..

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E-Waste Upcycled Into Table and Chairs

Photo Credit: CNet Green Tech People have turned e-waste into fish tanks, shoes, sculptures… but how about something a bit more practical? Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso designed some interesting table..

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Which California City Produces the Most Solar Energy?

Photo Credit: It may come as no surprise to you that California is known for solar energy. But which city in California produces the most solar power? It’s not..

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10 Items You Can Buy Reusable

Photo Credit: Amanda_Wills Reusable shopping bags and water bottles are standard—but how much thought have you given to other reusable items? This list from Earth911 gives 10 single-use household..

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Solar-Powered Lego Car

I came across this solar-powered Lego car today and it was too cool not to share: If you have kids, I think this would be a fun project to do..

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Do You Clean Your Reusable Bags?

Photo Credit: Amanda_Wills Do you use reusable bags? Now here’s the real question: How often do you wash your reusable bags? Umm… never? Did you know that 64 percent..

California Law Requires Recycled Styrofoam

California Law Requires Recycled Content Packing Peanuts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Styrofoam is bad, don’t use it. Not only does Styrofoam, a brand of polystyrene, sit in landfills indefinitely, but it is..

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New York Law Prohibits Haulers from Collecting E-Waste

A law went into effect on January 1st that prohibits private and public waste haulers and transporters in New York from collecting electronic waste unless it is destined to be..

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Post-Holiday Recycling

Christmas may be over, but if you’re like me, the remnants of the holiday are still scattered around your house. What can you reuse and what can you recycle? Christmas..

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All Green Cubicle Decorating Contest

The contest winners: Gabi, Jenn, Lupe, and Amy. Nathan’s cubicle was another favorite. It “snowed” in Angie’s cubicle.

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Disposable Coffee Cup Eliminates Plastic Lid

Credit: Compleat Whether your coffee cup is made from paper or Styrofoam, the lid is probably plastic. And we all know how bad plastic can be for the environment… A..

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Is Your Newspaper Printed on Recycled Paper?

Starting this week, The National, a newspaper serving the United Arab Emirates, will be printed on 100 percent recycled paper. Because no company in the UAE produces a sufficient volume..

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Recycled Menorahs

In my post about real versus artificial Christmas trees a couple of weeks ago, I asked whether people should pick the traditional option or go the green route in regards..

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London Mall Made From Shipping Containers

Photo Credit: Bonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0 A new shopping mall in London was built from standard-sized recycled shipping containers. Boxpark Shopping Mall was made from about 60 containers that are..