Which California City Produces the Most Solar Energy?

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It may come as no surprise to you that California is known for solar energy. But which city in California produces the most solar power? It’s not necessarily the one you’d think…

San Diego produces more solar power than any other California city, including Los Angeles, with 4,507 solar power installations that generate almost 36.7 megawatts of power from the sun. To put that into perspective, San Diego produces enough solar power to place it among the top 25 nations in the world.

Los Angeles ranked second with 4,018 installations that produces a little less than 36.2 megawatts. San Jose ranked third with over 2,700 installations and 31 megawatts.

According to the report: “Ten years ago, solar panels atop roofs were a rarity. Today, solar is taking hold in various cities across the state, from coastal metropolises to agricultural and industrial hubs in the Central Valley. In the past two years alone, the solar industry has installed more than 5,000 kilowatts of solar power in each of 10 different California cities.”

Although California is doing well in regards to solar power, there’s still a long way to go. As of 2010, solar power still contributed little of the state’s total energy needs, according to the California Energy Commission. So despite all of the power produced, solar still contributes little to the state’s total energy needs.  When you think about it, cities like Los Angeles and San Diego are so large that they are bound to have larger numbers of installations than smaller cities.

Do you use solar power in your household?

For more information, check out the LA Times article here.

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