Recycled Menorahs

In my post about real versus artificial Christmas trees a couple of weeks ago, I asked whether people should pick the traditional option or go the green route in regards to holiday traditions. This doesn’t just apply to Christmas– it applies to whatever holiday you happen to celebrate.

I recently came across this Earth911 article that features five menorahs made out of recycled materials. To my knowledge, they aren’t all that traditional, but they are beautiful all the same.

These two are my favorites:

Credit: Richard Millar

This menorah is made out of recycled slate leftover from one of English sculptor Richard Miller’s other projects for a recycled Festival of Lights. I think that the materials used in this menorah give it an elegant and unique look.

Credit: Jenna Goldberg

This one is a little less traditional, but the use of mixed media gives an interesting look to this menorah. Artist Jenna Goldberg created this menorah out of recycled olive oil cans, copper nails, mahogany, wooden beads, and brass fittings.

Should we try to make an e-waste menorah?

Check out the other three menorahs here at Earth911.

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