8 Ways to Green Your Labor Day Barbecue

Us FlagHow are you celebrating Labor Day? If you’re from the US, there’s a good chance you’re having some kind of barbecue. Why not reduce your carbon footprint and make it as green as possible?

  1. Pick your food carefully. From an environmental standpoint, certain foods are easier on the planet than others. Pick local, organic, and non-processed food whenever possible. Vegetarian food will have a smaller footprint, but if you’re not ready to give up meat, consider the grass-fed, local, or organic.
  2. As a side note to tip #1, did you know that you can grill all sorts of fruit? These recipes from Treehugger look delicious.
  3. Serve your drinks from a pitcher and use reusable glassware.
  4. Offer organic beer. Just saying…. and hey, glass bottles are almost 100 percent recyclable.
  5. Reuse decorations. If you decorate for holidays, there’s a good chance that you have some flag decorations left over from the 4th of July. Use them for Labor Day too! As a bonus, you can leave them up through Patriots’ Day (September 11) and Constitution Day (September 17).
  6. Make your activities green too. On their Facebook page, our friends at Keen for Green suggested apple picking or visiting a local farm as great Labor Day weekend activities. That sounds like a blast for us! If the weather is nice, consider
  7. Celebrate nature—On their Facebook page, our friends at Keen for Green suggested apple-picking or visiting a local farm. That sounds like a blast to us! If the weather is nice, consider having a picnic, going on a hike, or playing sports.
  8. If you’re going out of town, see if you can carpool or ride mass transit.

What are you doing to celebrate Labor Day weekend?

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