4 Ways to Green Your Thanksgiving Dinner

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? It probably involves some combination of family, travel, and food.

What can you do to have an eco-friendly Thanksgiving dinner without sacrificing your favorite traditions?

  1. Plan ahead. Figure out how much food you need and, if applicable, how many turkey sandwiches you want the next week. Base your shopping list around this to eliminate impulse buys. This way, you can eliminate food waste, save money, and help the environment!
  2. Buy organic, free-range, or pastured turkey to lessen your impact on the environment. Local too, if you can! A quick rundown:
    • Organic/ Naturally Grown: A turkey that has been fed organic feed its whole life and has never been treated with antibiotics.
    • Free-range: A turkey that has been free from confinement its whole life, but may have been kept in a barn.
    • Pastured: A turkey that has been raised outside with space to move around.
  3. If turkey’s not your thing, but you’re skeptical of the whole concept of a “tofurkey,” try alternatives based around local produce. Sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and onions can often be bought locally.
  4. Cook efficiently. This will save time, effort, and energy. If multiple dishes can fit in the oven at the same time, do that! Or take the butter out of the fridge to let it soften at room temperature before using it.

What are your tips for a green Thanksgiving?

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