Is Data Protected When You Recycle Electronics?

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Effective data destruction is a primary concern for organizations and individuals when replacing outdated hardware with new versions. No one wants to keep electronics sitting on a shelf when there’s no use for them. At the same time, they worry about what will happen to the valuable data stored on these devices if it should fall into the wrong hands.

Many companies rely on outside vendors for destroying these components through shredding, wiping and other methods. Once the electronics are gone, they hope the information is gone with them. However, as technology continues to move forward at a faster pace, many companies and individuals are replacing gadgets before current models have reached the end of life. This leads them to the view that recycling may be the better alternative – which is true. At the same time, they have the concern for any data stored and what will happen to it once the gadgets have been recycled and put back into use.

The Importance of Recycling

It cannot be stated enough that if you have the opportunity to recycle old electronics, you should do so. As the useful life of these products diminishes because of new technology, more e-waste is being created at a faster pace. To deal with this problem, the old electronics must be put back into productivity either through donation to needy organization or by repurposing the components.

Almost all electronic devices can be recycled, including:
• Desktop and laptop computers
• Monitors
• Keyboards and mice
• Copiers, printers and scanners
• Digital cameras
• Hard drives
• Cell phones and tablets
• Game consoles
• Computer accessories and peripherals

And the list goes on and on.

Protecting Your Data

The concern for many is what happens with the information on these devices when they are recycled. The worry is a valid one, especially if you try to handle the recycling on your own. You can erase everything on your component and delete files and folders, but they are still accessible. Even if you reformat your device, an expert is still able to obtain the deleted information. True data destruction is only accomplished by professionals who know the correct processes and procedures.

Certain methods are utilized by companies like All Green to ensure all data is either removed permanently or rendered irretrievable. These processes include the following:
• Paper shredding
• Hard drive shredding
• Data wiping
• Degaussing

All Green works with businesses and organizations to determine the best option for removal of data. We work with companies in many industries and have trained staff to know the regulations and industry requirements for handling sensitive data. You can be assured that if you decide to recycle your electronics, all data will be safely and permanently removed.

Organizations can receive a certificate of destruction which shows that the data was destroyed and proper data destruction methods were followed. This not only provides peace of mind for those companies but it allows them to respond to their customers, vendors and other interested parties to assure them the data is secure.

Choosing a Recycling Company for Data Destruction

Before selecting a company to handle recycling of your electronics, you should consider their processes and their reputation. The company should be able to provide satisfactory answers to your valid concerns and explain the chain of command for how your electronics are handled. Each device should be logged in and followed until it meets its final destination.

The company should be able to provide a paper trail, including a certificate of destruction to further protect your organization. This also removes much of the responsibility from your shoulders. A recycling company with experience in your industry helps to ensure they understand the laws and regulations governing your organization and the security of data destruction.

It’s also essential to work with a company that has proven itself, and one that is a leader in the industry. All Green meets these requirements and has established a solid reputation of responsible electronics recycling. We take pride in our ability to reduce waste and protect the environment through responsible recycling while providing secure data destruction to protect the reputations of our clients.

If you have concerns or questions about protecting your data and customers while recycling old electronics, feel free to contact us. We’ll help you feel confident in your choice to recycle usable devices while meeting the requirements for secure data destruction.


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