Singing Cards Bad for Environment

Is it just me, or are electronic greeting cards taking over the card aisle at the store? The singing or the lights are cute for half a second, but after that, they are just plain annoying.

Not only are these cards ridiculous, but they are also terrible for the environment. Think about it: Singing cards contain batteries and electronic circuit boards. How else would they work? In the state of California, these cards are classified as Universal Waste and are illegal to dispose of in landfills.

But even if you don’t live in California, it’s a bad idea to throw these cards away in the trash. There are metals and toxic materials in these cards and they need to be disposed of with a responsible recycler.

I think the best solution—both for the environment and the sanity of the card recipient—would be to not buy these cards in the first place. But if you happen to receive one of these cards, make sure you recycle it responsibly!

What do you think about electronic greeting cards? Are they fun or annoying?

You can read more about this topic here.

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