When to Use Shredding for Data Destruction

Thanks to modern technology and newly designed equipment, there are several methods to dealing with data destruction. Shredding is one of the most straightforward options, and often the first choice for organizations. However, it isn’t always the best choice for the destruction of data. Here is some information about shredding, what it does and when it works, so you can decide when this method is the right option for your company.

What is Shredding?

Shredding is the process of destroying files and documents so that no one can obtain any information from them. This not only includes paper shredding but hard drives as well. Because shredding tears up the items into so many pieces, it’s impossible for anyone to put the information back together.

Shredding equipment has been developed to handle all kinds of items in a secure manner. Numerous documents or hard drives can be shredded in an hour for complete data destruction.

When Shredding Works for Data Destruction

Businesses can consider shredding when they need a secure method of destruction for confidential data. On-site shredding enables them to manage the process and ensure all materials are destroyed. Reputable companies like All Green also provide a Certificate of Destruction for added security.

Drop-off shredding allows companies to bring the items to a secure facility where all documents and hard drives are logged and managed until they have been destroyed.

Choosing a Shredding Company

Once you have decided that shredding is the best method for your data destruction, it’s essential to find a company that handles the job in a secure way. You need more than just a shredder to be the best company for the job.

Each industry has its own special requirements for destroying data. These regulations may be governed by federal or state laws or it may be processes put in place by industry experts and regulating agencies.

The chain of command is an important part of the shredding process. Each item must be logged with serial numbers included on all electronics. A paper trail must follow all documents or devices until the process is completed to ensure everything is completed to meet requirements.

For hard drives, other processes may be completed before final shredding of the device.  Data may be wiped to remove most of the information. Shredding is often the final process to ensure complete destruction. In some cases, a representative of the company may be present or the process is able to be recorded. Once the shredding is complete, a certificate may be given to the company for their records. If any questions or concerns arise in the future, they have written documentation to present which protects their interests.

Shredding is one of the best methods of data destruction for companies. Choosing a company that provides this service is essential, and certain qualities of the company must be considered. Take the time to learn how the shredding process is carried out and ensure the security of your company when you wish for the data to be completely and irrevocably destroyed.


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