Cell Phone Powered by Walking?

Cell phones will always die at the most inconvenient time… probably when there is no charger in site. But what if you could power your phone, or other electronic device, via your own movements?

During the Kenyan Science Technology and Innovation week, 24-year-old inventor Anthony Mutua showed off a technology that uses your shoe to charge your cell phone or other gadgets while you walk. This technology is called piezoelectricity.

To do this, Mutua inserted a thin “crystal chip” in a sneaker that generates energy as the sole bends. The device connects to your phone via a long cable so you can charge your device in your pocket or the device could store power to charge your phone later. It can also power multiple gadgets at once, but that would, of course, require a lot more energy.

The device can also be transferred from one shoe to another, meaning you can buy just one device and still be able to change your shoes to coordinate with your outfit.

Kenya’s National Council of Science and Technology have already funded the project with approximately $6,000. Mutua has patented the technology and hopes to eventually sell it on the commercial market for $46.

Would you try out this device?

You can read more here.

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