Erasable E-Paper Can Be Printed On Over 250 Times

Image Credit: Treehugger

How many pieces of paper do you use each day? If you could erase and reuse each one up to 260 times, would you?

Researchers at the Industrial Technology Research Institute came up with a new e-paper that can be printed on by thermal printers (like those used for fax machines). When it’s time for the paper to be erased, one just needs to flip a switch and it can be printed on again.

The e-paper is essentially just the display of an e-reader disconnected from anything that might update it. It can produce different colors and doesn’t require a backlight to read. At $2 a page, it’s relatively inexpensive considering how many times it can be reused.

The big question is: Does one piece of e-paper have a smaller impact on the environment than 260 pieces of regular paper?

Would you consider using e-paper?

The original inspiration for this was found at Treehugger.

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