Laptop Powered by Typing

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

There is one truth when it comes to laptops (or electronic devices in general): Your battery will die at the most inconvenient time.

We’ve all been there: You sit outside on a nice summer day finishing that last paper before you go home for summer break. It’s going well and you’re almost done—until the battery dies. Probably before you had time to hit “save.”

One day, you might not have to worry about your battery dying. Researchers in Australia have found a way to harness the energy we create while typing to power a laptop.

Using piezoelectricity, a thin film can be integrated into the laptop. The energy created by typing will create a spark by striking a piezoelectric crystal.

This sounds great in theory, but I doubt this could completely power your battery. What if you are doing something inactive, like watching a movie? Or reading an article? Can you store enough energy to power those activities?

Would you use a laptop powered by typing?

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