Where To Recycle Old TVs ?

Did you know that some regions, even states currently ban televisions and other electronic waste from being dumped in landfills? If you are looking into where to recycle old TVs, consider returning them to the manufacturer.

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If you are wondering where to recycle old TVs, look no further than Sony. Sony, the electronics conglomerate started the first country wide recycling program in 2007, and it now has over two hundred locations. Consumers can drop off their old Sony televisions of any size absolutely free. If you have other Sony electronics, most sites will accept these for free as well. Many sites will accept competitor brands also, for a small charge. Another benefit Sony brings to the table is a deal where if you purchase a new product from its store or Website, they will remove the old set. Sony currently offers a service on their website where you can look for drop off sites.

LG accepts television returns for free for its customers. The service is nationwide, and covers LG, Zenith and Goldstar brands of televisions. You can also drop off other electronics here too. Customers can drop off up to five items per day free of charge. Many sites will also take other brands for a small charge. LG’s goal is to have an e-cycling center within twenty miles of 95% of the country.

Sharp, Toshiba and Panasonic have teamed up to manage e-waste collection and disposal. Consumers can drop off their old TVs along with other electronics for free at sites across the nation, and will usually accept other brands for a small charge. You can find a location at Electronic Manufactures Recycling Management online – the consortium’s Website.

More than one hundred fifty places throughout the country will accept Samsung TVs and other Samsung electronics free of charge. These places will also accept llo and Durabrand TVs (sold by Wal-Mart) for nothing, and most locations will take other brands for a small charge. Go to Samsung’s site to find a convenient location.

Where to Recycle Old TVs At Retail Stores

If you are wondering where to recycle old TVs at retail stores, try Best Buy. Best Buy in the United States will take televisions up to 32 inches big for recycling. Although there is a ten dollar charge, customers get a ten dollar gift card in exchange. Here you can recycle up to two electronics a day. Although the stores won’t accept TVs larger than 32 inches, they would likely take them away for free if you were to purchase a television there and have it installed by an employee. For a fee of a hundred and thirty dollars, you can also have your television picked up from your home and recycled. Staples and office max will also accept televisions for a charge of around ten to fifteen dollars.

You have plenty of options when you are wondering where to recycle old TVs. Although spending money to recycle your electronics might seem costly, it is important to keep in mind that these businesses are eating the cost, and sometimes paying more. Also, you can rest easy knowing that precious raw resources that made your TV will be extracted and used again. Just as imperative, when you know where to recycle old TVs, you will be protecting human beings from emissions that will harm adults and humans.


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