The Proper Way To Recycle Your Electronics

Do you know the proper way to recycle your electronics? There are a lot of people out there who do not, and the amount of electronics waste (aka e-waste) is climbing at an exponential rate. The best way for us to tackle this growing problem is to make more people aware of how bad the e-waste issue is and educate as many individuals as we can on how to recycle their old electronics properly and responsibly.

Everyone loves a nice shiny new electronic device, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to purchase the latest and greatest innovative new consumer electronics. However, many of us already have an older version of the new electronic device that we are purchasing. So what to do with the old one? Some people feel like there’s nothing wrong with just throwing out an old electronic gadget with the trash, but this is one of the worst ways to get rid of your old electronics. Recycling your electronics that you no longer want or need is not as complicated as you might be thinking and it is a great way to benefit the environment

Ways to Properly Recycle Your Old Electronics

There are several ways that you can properly and responsibly recycle your old electronics, and no matter which route you choose to take, you are doing the entire world a huge favor. Every little bit counts, and that’s why it’s so important to get the word out.

If you’re your electronic gadgets are no longer working and are just too far gone to bother repairing, you can take them to a recycling center where e-waste is accepted. You want to make sure you take them to  which is a company that has been officially reviewed by the Basel Action Network. These companies do not participate in the exportation of e-waste to developing countries. You can trust that your e-waste will be handled locally and recycled responsibly when you deal with an recycling company.

Beware of E-waste Exporters

Not every e-waste recycling facility is as reputable, and you may want to do a little a bit of research to make sure you are dealing with a legit company. There are big-name “recyclers” who actually export your e-waste to developing countries just so they can make a few dollars. Why is this a problem? It’s a problem because developing countries have a lot of informal, unregulated e-waste recycling going on that is not only polluting their environment. It is also posing a health risk to the people who work and/or live in those areas.

Developing countries have the worst exposure to the harmful effects of pollution from excessive e-waste. Exporting e-waste to these countries is not helping the effort, it is actually adding to it. The whole purpose of properly recycling our e-waste is to help the environment, not just pass the problem along to another area of the world.

Recycling responsibly is the best way for us to do our part in lowering the amount of e-waste in our country as well as in the rest of the world.


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