Where To Recycle Computers

Maybe you just got a new computer, or are cleaning house and are looking in to where to recycle computers. Whatever the reason may be, you’ve got a computer that needs to be recycled responsibly. This guide will show you where to recycle computers responsibly in a way that are eco-friendly, and all of the places are cheap or free.

 Where to Recycle Computers in Your Town

 Many towns, cities, states and counties have their own e-cycling programs that will offer easy drop-off locations close by for your old computers. The EPA suggests a list of search sites to help you find a local recycling program on its website, like EcoSquid. Earth911’s local recycling search is a great and easy tool to locate local drop offs. Simply type in what you want to recycle and your ZIP code, and you will be shown locations nearby.

 Where to Recycle Computers at the Store

 If you do not have a terribly convenient local drop off, you can go to many stores that responsibly collect electronics for free or cheap. Best Buy has one of the most convenient and friendly recycling programs available. Every household can bring up to three items a day to a store – also including televisions both older and flat panel, cellphones, global positioning units and DVD players. Although it costs ten dollars to bring in a monitor or television, you will get that back in the form of a Best Buy gift card.

If you are looking in to where to recycle computers and there isn’t a Best Buy nearby, Office Depot and Staples both collect used electronics. Office Depot sells boxes at five dollars, ten and fifteen that you can fill with anything that will fit. Staples will typically charge ten dollars for larger items like monitors. Although this might seem costly, it is important to remember that these stores are paying just as much to recycle your products, sometimes more.

 Where to Recycle Computers through donations

Goodwill partners with Dell to accept computers and monitors in any condition or brand, as well as all computer gear. The program is free, and all of the donated products will either be recycled responsibly, or resold where the money will go to job training and to produce jobs for people in your local community.

You can recycle your computers with Apple. Apple has a program where you can recycle an older Mac or PC, or desktop or laptop through a pre-paid shipping label. If your old computer is worth anything, for re-use of for parts, that money goes towards Apple store credit.

After you have decided where to recycle your computer, make sure that you do it safely and securely. You must wipe your hard drive clean so that the information on it can not be retrieved. Some programs will do this for you for free, while others might charge a small fee. Finally, if you would like to protect your data on your own, you can find free data wiping software online.

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