5 TV Recycling Essentials

Did you know that U.S. consumers throw away approximately 400 million units of electronic equipment every year, TV sets included? Just like any other electronic, a TV set contains harmful chemicals that, if disposed improperly, can lead not only to health implications but environmental degradation as well. Televisions can be highly toxic, as they contain up to eight pounds of lead. This can explain why a number of city municipalities opted to ban the disposal of old TVs in trash bins. It also explains why responsible TV disposal is important to helping reduce the chemical pollution of the environment. TV Recycling is important. It is considered to be the most responsible way of disposing your old TV set.


Before recycling your television, there are a few things you need to put under consideration. It is important to safely handle and transport your TV set to a recycling center, because any damages along the way can lead to the release of harmful toxins in the environment. This piece will highlight some of your TV Recycling options.


  • Find a recycling center 


With the ban in effect, it is now illegal to leave your TV in a trash bin for pickup. Therefore, in as far as recycling your TV is concerned, consider calling a local waste disposal company or, better yet, find a dedicated recycling center. These centers do have systems put in place that allow for drop offs.


  • Find a recycling program near you


Due to the sensitivity of the subject, it is now easy find private recycling programs in your town or city offering the service. What is even enticing about these programs is that there are some willing to come all the way and pick up your old TV, hence relieving you of all the hassle.


  • Find programs at electronic stores 


There are a number of big and dedicated electronic stores, including BestBuy, which offer low-cost or free electronic recycling services. The only catch with some of these stores is that they tend to have some requirements set for recycling. Call in or visit their page online to find out everything you need to know and whether your old TV meets the store’s requirements.


  • Send it back to the manufacturers     


It is possible to find a manufacturer that will accept your old TV set together with any other related component. The same manufacturer will then go ahead and recycle the product on your behalf. However, finding a manufacturer who can accept your product can be daunting. Research thoroughly online and ensure that you adhere to their guidelines accordingly.


  • Sell or donate 


You can donate your old TV to a non-profit organization if it still works, or if you are looking to recoup some of your losses, sell the same.

TV Recycling is essential when it comes to the protection of the environment and the ultimate survival of the human race. It is the most responsible and recommended way of disposing old televisions. Throwing your old TV in the trash bin is not only considered illegal, but it also has some serious health and environmental repercussions. Let’s take care of our environment!

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