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6 Reasons Why Your Company Should Reconsider Its E-Waste Strategies

Your company is likely sitting on outdated, unused technology. Old hardware takes up valuable space, and could pose a legitimate security risk if it contains sensitive information. As electronic data..

What To Do With Old Hard Drive

What to Do with Old Hard Drives That You’re Tired of Keeping

Hard drives are an important part of most electronic devices especially computers and mobile phones. On average, each one lasts about 2 to 5 years according to a report by..

Exposed 10 Surprising E-waste Facts You Didn't Know Banner

Exposed! 10 Surprising E-Waste Facts You Didn’t Know

E-Waste is one of the fastest growing types of waste, both in the United States and globally. The current electronics recycling efforts by the ITAD industry are simply no match..

How To Dispose Of Batteries The Only Guide You Need Image - AGR

How to Dispose of Batteries: The Only Guide You Need

Most people have a dead battery or two in their junk drawers and they probably don’t know how to dispose of batteries. Batteries are an important and reliable daily source..


Effects of E-Waste

What are the effects of e-waste on our environment, on our planet as a whole? Have you ever wondered how..

5 Keys to Keeping Corporate E-Waste Program Complaint Image - AGR

5 Keys to Keeping Corporate E-Waste Program Complaint

The EPA, Department of Toxic Substances Controls, and other authorities are taking e-waste very seriously as corporations from at&t to..

Basel Action Network Article Summary Image - AGR

Basel Action Network Article Summary

The proliferation of electronic devices during the 1990s created a hazardous waste epidemic within the United States. In 1997, a 501(c)3 charitable organization formed to combat the growing public health..

recycle your old phone

5 Reasons To Recycle Your Old Phone

Mobile phones are the most useful and trendy gadgets available nowadays. A mobile phone can be a way to connect offline (via text messaging or via voice call) and online..

TV Recycling

5 TV Recycling Essentials

Did you know that U.S. consumers throw away approximately 400 million units of electronic equipment every year, TV sets included? Just like any other electronic, a TV set contains harmful..

10 Things Made of Plastic - AGR

10 Surprising Things Made From Plastic

Plastic is rapidly transforming our world allowing us to manufacture cheap, durable products at a scale never thought possible. Of the many products we use in our daily lives you’d..


Electronic Waste Recycling Shows Promise for Skills Training

Addressing Our Growing E-Waste Problem We all know by now that reducing waste, reusing everyday items for other purposes, and recycling components of our waste is better for our struggling..

How E-Waste Is Harmful To Your Health Image - AGR

How E-Waste Is Harmful to Your Health

E-waste is a term used for electronic products and computers that are thrown out, including laptops, tablets, printers, phones, game consoles, televisions, and DVD players, to name a few. Over..


Illinois Increases Manufacturers’ Mandated E-Waste Recycling Targets

In an effort to curb the growing electronic waste problem, Illinois recently passed legislation requiring an increase in the volume of electronic waste that manufacturers are mandated to recycle. As..

Where Does E-Waste Go - AGR

Where Does E-Waste Go?

Electronic waste is the waste generated from discarded electronic devices. Electrical devices that are no longer in use or those meant to be recycled or reused can also be considered..

The Smartphone E-Waste Epidemic Inforgraphic Image - AGR

The Smartphone E-Waste Epidemic [Infographic]

  Find out why the growing e-waste numbers are a concern and what to do about it. What is E-Waste and why you should be concerned about putting a lid..

E-Waste Recycling Process - AGR

E-Waste Recycling Process

Have you ever wondered how the e-waste recycling process works? The act of recycling is a process that starts with us, as individuals. Every recyclable item is put through this..


The E-waste Pickup Process

The e-waste pick up process consists of a few steps: collection, sorting, data destruction and reuse. Electronic waste (e-waste) is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. E-waste is..


E-Waste Defined

E-Waste Definition: If you can plug it in, or if it contains chips or circuit boards, chances are its E-Waste. Products that fall under this category include televisions, computers and..


E-waste Problems

What is e-waste, and what are the e-waste problems? Electronic waste (e-waste) is defined in general as any used electronic devices or components that need to be disposed of properly...

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Health Hazards of E-Waste You Didn’t Know About

Improperly disposing of  your electronic devices is a problem for the environment, but there are also many health hazards of e-waste as well. E-waste contains substances that are known to..

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What is E-Waste ?

Proper electronic waste disposal is a topic that has been receiving more and more attention in the public’s eye recently, and you might be wondering to yourself what is e-waste?..

how to manage e-waste

How To Manage E-Waste

E-waste is a serious problem that isn’t going to get better on its own. Here are some do it yourself tips on how to manage e-waste. Buy less things. Its..


E-Waste Facts That May Surprise You

Is e-waste a problem in the United States? Here are some e-waste facts about our country alone.  What Percent of E-Waste is Recycled? In the year 2008, we generated 3.16..

Effects of Ewaste on Environment - AGR

Effects of E-Waste On Our Environment

How Does Electronic Waste Affect the Environment What are causes of e waste? Electronics for consumers are being treated like disposable items more and more every day. One major factor..


E-Waste Solutions You Can Do Right Now

Electronic waste is growing in size every year. E-waste, otherwise known as electronic waste is a term to describe any unwanted electronic or electrical devices. These include office equipment, television..


What is E-Waste and Why is It a Problem ?

This guide sets out to give you the answer to this question. Electronic waste, or e-waste can describe any type of unwanted electrical or electronic device. Even used products that..

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How is E-Waste Recycled

E-waste is short for the term electronic waste, a word to to describe any used piece of electronic equipment that we no longer need. E-waste becomes a health hazard when..

Effective Ways to Reduce E-Waste Image - AGR

Effective Ways to Reduce E-Waste

More and more efforts are being made to lessen the amount of electronic waste all over the globe. The issues surrounding electronic waste are increasing as the amount of e-waste..