E-Waste Solutions You Can Do Right Now

Electronic waste is growing in size every year. E-waste, otherwise known as electronic waste is a term to describe any unwanted electronic or electrical devices. These include office equipment, television sets, refrigerators, entertainment devices and old computers. When we are done with electronics we have four choices as to what to do with them: throw them out, donate them, send them back to the manufacturer or recycle them. Most of the time we choose to throw them out, the least helpful of the four e waste solutions. As we buy more and more electronics and they last for a smaller amount of time, e-waste piles up in landfills and emits toxic chemicals for us to breathe in. This article gives you some e-waste solutions that are more healthy.

E-waste solutions for reusing your electronics

A good idea is to to trade in your used electronics for cash or gift cards at retail stores such as Best Buy or Staples. Best Buy will let you bring in up to three items per day, and will give you a ten dollar gift card if you hand in your used electronics. Many sites online are dedicated to e-waste solutions as well. Ebay has an Instant Sale program, which lets site users instantly recycle or sell their old gadgets. Other sites like Gazzelle and NextWorth offer shipping labels for you to mail your electronics in free of charge. Another bonus of these programs is that they are convenient, so you don’t have to go through the motions of selling your gadget or trying to determine its value on  your own.

Also, consider donating your printer, hard drive or computer to Goodwill’s “Reconnect” program. This non-profit and Dell team up with Reconnect, offering practically 2,000 participating locations across America at Goodwill stores that will accept computer equipment, no matter what brand. After collection, Goodwill either responsibly recycles the products or sells them, and all of the proceeds go to employment opportunities and job training for the people in your neighborhood. Also, Goodwill will take care of wiping all of your information off of your hard drives, making this a cost-effective and convenient e waste solution.Another cause to consider as an e waste solution is Cell Phones for Soldiers, a non-profit organization. This group will provide prepaid calling cards for United States troops that are stationed overseas with each cell phone that gets donated to the cause. Other non-profits to consider are March of Dimes and Keep America Beautiful.

E-Waste Solutions Involving Changing the Way You Think

Think twice about that upgrade you think you might need to your new cell phone or other device. Take a second look at the item you are considering retiring. Is the latest model something that you really need or does the one that you currently own do the job? If we are more thoughtful about our electronic impulse buys well will be able to keep electronic waste out of our landfills, a very good e-waste solution indeed.

Finally, get involved locally. Help people to recycle responsibly. You can check your state’s and community website for e-waste solutions for your area. By pitching in, you can be part of the e-waste solution.


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