Where Can I Recycle Old TVs?

Are you interested in finding out where you can recycle old TVs? Having older style cathode ray tube televisions in your home can be hazardous for children. If this CRT television is not correctly secured, they can tip over and hurt smaller kids. If this is not a good enough reason to recycle your old TV, consider that recycling old TVs will ensure that plastic, aluminum, gold and copper will be extracted and not go to waste. Additionally, when we recycle our old TVs, we are keeping heavy metals like mercury and lead out of our landfills. Not only are we cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, and water and air pollution, we are reducing the risk of negative health issues that arise when we breath in the air around landfills.

Where Can I Recycle My Old TV Locally?



If you cannot find a convenient responsible recycler nearby, consider returning your old TV to chain retail stores which are closer. Best Buy will take old style CRT televisions that are up to thirty two inches in size, and any flat-panel television. To turn in your television, there is a ten dollar charge, but, you get this amount back in a ten dollar gift card.

Office Depot sells boxes in three sizes – small for five dollars, medium for ten dollars and large for fifteen dollars. You can fill these boxes with anything that fits, and drop it off to be recycled. Staples will accept televisions for a charge of ten dollars. Even though this may seem expensive, these stores are paying just as much to take back your old television, sometimes even more.

Goodwill is a donation drop off that sells what you donate to pay to hire and train disadvantaged members of the community. They have partnered up with computer mogul Dell to collect electronics. This store will take any monitor for free, no matter what brand or size it is.

Other places will take donated televisions too, such as the Salvation Army. Many of these centers will deliver or at least sell your old TV to a family in need. Another option is to simply ask around, perhaps a friend or relative would like to reuse your old TV. Finally, you can contact homeless shelters, local schools and nursing homes to see if you can donate your television there.

If you can not find a suitable option to answer the question “where can I recycle old TVs?”, another option is to sell your television set. This is a good option for larger TVs that you might have difficulty transporting. Check online and newspaper classifieds. Or you could sell your old TV at a garage sale. If your television does not work, you may still be able to sell it – look to the local theater, to see if they could use it as a prop.

Finally, you can recycle your old TV by returning it to the manufacturer. To do this, look for the manufacturer’s website and find the nearest drop-off site from the web. Follow the company’s guidelines, and be sure there isn’t a weight limit for the television you would like to recycle. Now you have a few options when you are wondering “where can I recycle old TVs?’


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  1. Avatar for Arman Nancy Reid says:

    I have an old tube TV I’d like to recycle. Where in Chicago can I drop off my TV?

    1. Avatar for Arman Jason Townsend says:

      Hi Nancy. Best to look up the local authority’s website for your nearest locations.

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