The Difference Between Used and Refurbished and Is Refurbished Better?

The newest versions of the latest iPhones are not the world’s fastest selling smartphones; refurbished cell phones are, Counterpoint Research reveals. That makes sense: refurbished products aren’t just cheaper than brand new ones, they’re also of high-quality. That may come as a surprise particularly if you — like many — assume refurbished is synonymous with “used”, and thus defective in some way. The reality is, however, neither could be more different. Keep reading to figure out what we mean:

How Is Refurbished Different From Used And Why Is It Good To Buy Refurbished?

1) Refurbished Products Are In Better Condition

A refurbished device is a product that has been thoroughly repaired, inspected, and tested so that it performs like a brand-new one. Unlike newer models, it does not come with the hefty price tag, so it makes sense people want to buy them over new.

Professionals will take a part the unit to check various components, such as the battery, regardless of whether or not they were even causing problems. Sometimes refurbished products never even have a problem to begin with. A survey by technology consulting firm Accenture, 68 percent of returned products perceived as “faulty” never actually had a single problem in the first place! In fact, in some cases the inspection is so thorough, the refurbished device turns out better than new!

On the other hand, used products have not undergone the same process because they don’t have to. As a result, you will inherit the same problems it gave its previous owner.

However, a word of caution: not all companies selling refurbished items are reputable and thus offer the perks they should. That means you have to do some research. Consumer Reports advises customers ask questions to make sure the product is genuinely refurbished — not just essentially a cleaned up used product. Yet that can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process for the average consumer. To avoid that step altogether, we recommend you just take a quick look at the company’s qualifications. Do they have the relevant technical credentials, for example?

2) Refurbished Items Have Better Appearances

There are all kinds of used devices out there and they all vary in quality, so it’s hard to make a generalization about the appearance of all of them. However, according to major retailers like eBay, used items are products that “may have some signs of cosmetic wear.” Refurbished items, by their very definition, will not.

Refurbished devices are repackaged to look like it is brand-new, whereas used products will not. Moreover, if you’re looking to score bargains on newer and “fancier-looking” models, you’ll most likely be able to buy it refurbished. Used devices are far more likely to be products that have been discontinued and so don’t boast quite the same look or features.

3) Refurbished Products Are Less Of A Gamble

Generally speaking, a far less of a risk will be taken by you if refurbished devices are brought through a reputable company. For one thing, a warranty is usually covering you. For another, used devices can be found anywhere — even on Craigslist — which can be problematic.

If you purchase a refurbished device from a legitimate company, they likely come with reviews and other credentials you can check. On the other hand, a stranger off Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace clearly will not come with any of these qualifications.

It’ll also be difficult to figure out the devices’ history by yourself; you will have to rely on the word of the seller. You will not have to worry about these kind of things if you buy a refurbished device from a good company.

To sum it up, if you’re worrying what to buy and Googling “which is better used or refurbished cell phones,” just stop and relax. If you buy refurbished, you’re not just getting a high-quality product, but you get a great price compared to new and you also help the environment through electronics recycling

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