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3 Simple Steps to Recycling Old Electronics

These days technology is evolving faster than ever before and newer, improved, and updated electronic devices are being introduced to electronics consumers on a regular basis. While this is all..

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Effective Ways to Reduce E-Waste

More and more efforts are being made to lessen the amount of electronic waste all over the globe. The issues surrounding electronic waste are increasing as the amount of e-waste..

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Toxic Materials in Electronics

There are over one thousand toxic materials found in common electronics. These range from solvents and flame retardants to other dangerous chemicals. These toxic materials can be found in anything..


UAE Seeks Regulations for Disposal of E-Waste

Tackling the Issue of E-Waste in the UAE The United Arab Emirates is tackling one of the problems of our modern technologically advanced society head on – the disposal of..


Why are Electronics Becoming Obsolete Faster ?

Doesn’t it seem that electronics now rapidly become obsolete when compared to their older counterparts? A generation ago one might..

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First Month of NY Electronic Recycling Deemed a Success

The first electronic recycling collection event was held at the Monroe County Ecopark after the newly-introduced New York electronic recycling..


Illinois Electronic Recycling Law Reform Looks More Promising

There have been some doubts in the minds of the Illinois people regarding scaling down of the electronics recycling program across the state. In a related incident, Will County had..


The Growth of the Global Electronic Waste Management Market

The management of electronic waste is an important industry that is expected to grow considerably over the next decade. Recycling electronic devices recovers many of the valuable components within them,..

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Sprint Offers Prize to Students Who Find New Ways to Recycle Smartphones

It’s estimated that 135 million phones are discarded every year in this country. Only about 11% are currently recycled. Currently some recycled phones may be resold, others may be disassembled..

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Santa Clara County Cracks Down on E-Waste

Santa Clara County recently passed a law that will require all e-waste produced in the region to be recycled by a certified recycler. This will be the first area in..

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The Electronics Graveyard: Guiyu, China

Photo Credit: Basal Action Network Have you ever wondered what happens to your computer at the end of its life cycle? If you recycle with an irresponsible company, it might..

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2011: The year we conquer e-waste

With new e-waste laws taking effect, the topic is on everyone’s mind, including that of singer/ songwriter Dar Williams. “E-waste was consuming me in 2010. Actually, e-wastefulness was. I thought..

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Orange County Register Covers All Green Event

Event by All Green Electronics Recycling Featured on the OC Register Published: Dec. 16, 2009 Updated: Dec. 17, 2009 10:08 a.m. Want a free lift ticket? Recycle an old TV..

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Feature on All Green Electronics Recycling

Special Feature on All Green Electronics Recycling by OC Metro Special Feature on Arman Sadeghi Founder and CEO of All Green Electronics Recycling February 01, 2010 It’s not easy being..