2011: The year we conquer e-waste

With new e-waste laws taking effect, the topic is on everyone’s mind, including that of singer/ songwriter Dar Williams.

“E-waste was consuming me in 2010. Actually, e-wastefulness was. I thought about it all the time,” writes Williams on the Huffington Post website.

She is not alone in this. Who doesn’t have some old electronics sitting in the garage, or worse, in a landfill somewhere? Technology becomes obsolete in a couple of years if we’re lucky, months or weeks if we’re not. How often does a new iPhone come out? Something can be new one day and “ancient” the next.

“So, in 2011, help companies take ‘cradle to cradle’ responsibility for their products, and watch those products get cleaner, greener, and closer to the tools of enlightenment, equality, and engagement that electronics can be,” Williams says in her article

Not only is it important to recycle old electronics, but it is also important to make sure that they are recycled in a responsible, ethical, and environmentally-friendly way. 

Thank you Dar Williams, for making an effort to fight this e-waste battle.

You can read the article on the Huffington Post website here.

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