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Identity Theft And The Best Identity Theft Protection

Computers and laptops are becoming obsolete faster than ever before. As we move more of our personal data onto computers, criminals are using the content left over on our old..


Effects of E-Waste

What are the effects of e-waste on our environment, on our planet as a whole? Have you ever wondered how the enormous amount of electronics waste is affecting the world..

data security

The Importance of Data Security With Your Electronics

Why is Data Security Important Now More Than Ever The internet has revolutionized our lives in many positive ways, but just like a double edged sword, it has a dark..

5 Keys to Keeping Corporate E-Waste Program Complaint Image - AGR

5 Keys to Keeping Corporate E-Waste Program Complaint

The EPA, Department of Toxic Substances Controls, and other authorities are taking e-waste very seriously as corporations from at&t to Wells Fargo and recently Comcast are finding themselves at the..


How to Make Money from Your IT Assets With These 5 ITAD Secrets

You can make money from IT asset disposition (ITAD) and create revenue-generating ITAD from equipment liquidation by retiring your decommissioned..

dispose of light bulbs

How to Dispose of Light Bulbs: The Ultimate Guide

To dispose of light bulbs, it’s simple: Incandescent bulbs can be thrown in the black trash bin, but fluorescent, compact..

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CAER – Coalition for American Electronics Recycling

Protecting American citizens, the military and public health is of great concern to the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling. The goal of this company is to support responsible electronics recycling..

How to Recycle LED Bulbs - AGR

What you need to know about Recycling LEDs

Disposing of Led Light Bulbs In an effort to incorporate “sustainable” lifestyle practices in the home, and work towards a greener environment for generations to come, many homeowners have turned..

electronics recycling

Types Of Electronic Recycling

Did you know only about 10 percent of cell phones get recycled? Sure, recycling has become a part of our everyday lives, with catchphrases such as “reduce, reuse, recycle” fast..

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How To Properly Recycle a School’s Electronic Waste

All too often the chaos of the classroom takes priority over chores such as rubbish collection and recycling. The poor janitor can’t accommodate elaborate recycling requirements on top of the..

Pay One Of Your Utility Bills By Recycling This Every Month Image - AGR

Pay One Of Your Utility Bills By Recycling This Every Month

Ever looked in your trash can and asked yourself: “What if I could get paid for all this stuff. Surely someone can do something with it!” Well, you’re right. All..

Basel Action Network Article Summary Image - AGR

Basel Action Network Article Summary

The proliferation of electronic devices during the 1990s created a hazardous waste epidemic within the United States. In 1997, a 501(c)3 charitable organization formed to combat the growing public health..

Common Holiday Items To Recycle - AGR

Common Holiday Items To Recycle

On average Americans create up to 25% more rubbish during the holiday season than at any other time during the year! To play your part in the conservation of our..

recycle your old phone

5 Reasons To Recycle Your Old Phone

Mobile phones are the most useful and trendy gadgets available nowadays. A mobile phone can be a way to connect offline (via text messaging or via voice call) and online..

Recycle Electronics

5 Reasons To Recycle Electronics

Gadgets are a trend that never goes out of style. Every month new models of cellphones, laptops and other electronic devices flood the news and attract consumers. People become so..

TV Recycling

5 TV Recycling Essentials

Did you know that U.S. consumers throw away approximately 400 million units of electronic equipment every year, TV sets included? Just like any other electronic, a TV set contains harmful..

laptop recycling

3 Reasons To Recycle Your Old Laptop

You have a laptop, right? But, you plan to buy a new one. Before you do, consider recycling your old laptop. With respect to recycling old laptops, this blog will..

10 Things Made of Plastic - AGR

10 Surprising Things Made From Plastic

Plastic is rapidly transforming our world allowing us to manufacture cheap, durable products at a scale never thought possible. Of the many products we use in our daily lives you’d..

3 Items To Always Recycle To Help Save The Environment Image - AGR

3 Items To Always Recycle To Help Save The Environment

Our environment is facing destruction every single day due to abusive human practices that are not good for our planet. We need to change our ways if we want to..

Upgrading your computer

3 Reasons To Wait One More Year Before Upgrading Your Computer

Upgrading your computer something you will consider when you think your PC is not working well anymore. However, you should think twice before acting. This article reveals the 3 simple..

7 Reasons You Sshould Recycle Your Old Computer Image - AGR

7 Reasons You Should Recycle An Old Computer

Computer Recycling Advancement in technology continues to grow at a galloping rate, such that every year better models of computers are released. This in return renders the old models obsolete,..

Counterfeit Goods Trafficking Puts Renewed Emphasis on Industry Certifications Image - AGR

Counterfeit Goods Trafficking Renewed Emphasis on Industry Certifications

Scandal continues to disrupt the electronics recycling industry – again the result of unscrupulous activity from trusted industry players. And when such a scandal hits, it’s usually accompanied by a..


DEA Laboratory Awarded Federal Green Challenge Award

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Western Laboratory was presented the Federal Green Challenge award at the DEA National Lab Directors Conference on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. The award was in..


Electronic Waste Recycling Shows Promise for Skills Training

Addressing Our Growing E-Waste Problem We all know by now that reducing waste, reusing everyday items for other purposes, and recycling components of our waste is better for our struggling..


Federal Government’s Green Initiative Challenge Program Sees Success

As an exercise aimed at promoting environmental awareness and the beneficial effects of electronic product recycling, the United States Environmental Protection Agency launched the Federal Green Challenge program to all..


Hong Kong to Build $550 Million E-Recycling Facility

A German recycling company, ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions, recently won a $550 million contract to construct and run Hong Kong’s first e-recycling center. Awarded by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection..

How E-Waste Is Harmful To Your Health Image - AGR

How E-Waste Is Harmful to Your Health

E-waste is a term used for electronic products and computers that are thrown out, including laptops, tablets, printers, phones, game consoles, televisions, and DVD players, to name a few. Over..