3 Items To Always Recycle To Help Save The Environment

Our environment is facing destruction every single day due to abusive human practices that are not good for our planet. We need to change our ways if we want to have sustainable resources, not only for us, but also for future generations as well. Saving our environment can be done through simple things each one of us can do. This article focuses on how we can help save the environment by recycling.

When we recycle we utilize our old waste products and transform them into new products that we can use again. It’s good for the environment as it lessens the waste that needs to be disposed of. This helps in reducing pollution.

It is important to know what to recycle and how to recycle each product. Segregating our trash is a crucial step t, since we take a moment to decide what to keep and what to throw away for good. Here are some of the top items we use every day that can always be recycled to help save the environment. 

Help save our environment by recycling paper. 

One of the many things that trees can provide us is paper. Right now there is increasing deforestation as we continue cutting trees for mass production of paper and other products such as wood. Trees can be replanted, but it takes years before they become full-grown. There is a need to recycle paper, as we don’t want the rate of extracting trees to exceed the rate of replacing them. By recycling a ton of paper up to 17 trees can be conserved. Just imagine how much we can save if each one of us recycles.

Paper can be further separated into groups such as white paper, colored paper, newspapers and phone directories, magazines and cardboards. Different things can be made out of paper, from scratch papers to recycled notebooks, scrapbooks, file storages, and even home decorations. However, there is a limit to recycling paper as during the recycling process its fibers become shorter, making the paper weaker and more brittle, but paper can be recycled a handful of times before this happens.

Help save the environment by recycling plastic. 

Over the years the use of plastics has increased. The storage containers we use for food, beverages and other things are now mostly made out of plastic. We at a point where there is a need for us not only to recycle plastics, but to lessen our everyday use of this material. There is just too much plastic on our planet that does not decompose. We could save the environment by fully banning the use of plastics across the entire world.

Most of the storage containers we use at home (e.g. bottles, bowls, and boxes) are made out of plastic. There are different kinds of plastics, but there are three main types , which are:

  • HDPE – opaque bottles
  • PVC – transparent bottles, with a seam running across the base
  • PET – transparent bottles, with a hard molded spot in the center of the base

Recycling plastics is easy. There are a lot of DIY housewares we can produce out of plastics. But, we have to make sure that it is clean before we decide to use it again.

Help the environment by recycling glass 

Glass can be recycled endlessly and its quality remains even after several uses. It can be separated according to color, which is usually green, brown or clear. Glass is also used by food and beverage manufacturers for things like jars and bottles. At home, after consuming the products in these glass containers, we can use them as small containers for other items or even use as home decorations such as vases.

In recycling glass we have to be extra careful, because it can cause harm when it breaks. Gloves can be used for protection in dealing with glass containers. We have to make sure also that the containers are clean when we decide to use them again.

Recycling, aside from being helpful to help the environment, can also be fun. It is always enjoyable to bring out our creative side. Just think of ways to change a  certain product or item in order to use it again. This can gives us a feeling of fulfillment, as we see ourselves helping the environment in our own special way. We can always browse for DIY ideas on different tutorial blogs and videos on the Internet that will help us make recycling fun and easy.








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