What is the Disposal of An IT Asset?

September 2016 was a month to remember in the world of data destruction. It was the month that saw approximately 3 billion people have their personal information stolen in one of the largest, most far-reaching data breaches to date. The breach occurred when Yahoo – at the time knee-deep in negotiations with Verizon – unwittingly released the contact and other personal details of all 3 billion user accounts. The breach – which saw the sale price of Yahoo plummet by approximately $350 million – was caused when it’s computer systems were intricately hacked. Today, we’ll discuss the correct disposal of IT assets, but we begin with this introduction to make the point: what is the disposal of an asset – no matter how secure – without ensuring that online systems are also secure?

What is the disposal of an asset in business processes? On the face of it, the disposal of assets seems like a straightforward matter for any business, but the fact is that it is a complex and delicate process that warrants a proven IT asset disposition (ITAD) solution provider.

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is an important component of running a business that many companies find daunting. ITAD isn’t just about disposing of used IT hardware. It entails techniques and methods used to manage the lifecycle of IT assets. When those assets reach their end of life, ITAD ensures their safe and secure disposal since they typically house sensitive information.

ITAD solution providers employ various tools, techniques, systems, and logistics to ensure responsible IT asset disposition. The exact methods and systems employed depend on specific client needs. Some are standard (such as wiping, destruction, or sanitization) whereas others are more complicated (such as recycling and take back schemes).

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What Does ITAD Stand for and What Does It Entail?

ITAD stands for Information Technology Asset Disposition. Quite frankly, there’s no standardized system that ITAD solution providers apply to every client project. Instead, solution providers devise a strategy that best works for that particular client at that particular time.

That being said, most IT asset disposal services entail the following:

IT hardware de-installation

De-installation of IT equipment happens for various reasons, notably change of premises, systems refresh, or end of life decommissioning. At some point in the IT asset disposition process, de-installation of various IT assets may be required. If the reason for de-installation is to decommission the hardware, the process will entail physical removal of the equipment.

Hardware sanitization and destruction

What is the disposal of an asset without sanitization? Sanitization of IT hardware is a core part of IT asset disposition. Sanitization helps to eliminate the risk of data breaches arising out of stolen information.

Once again, sanitization methods and techniques vary based on need. The solution provider will employ the best method for that particular task based on the sensitivity of the data stored on the assets.

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Asset recycling

Sometimes, recycling may be a viable option for some used IT hardware. Currently, recycling is widely used in IT asset disposition as it carries lots of benefits.

Regardless, all hardware to be recycled is first thoroughly sanitized to ensure zero risks for the client.

Secure Logistics

What is the disposal of an asset without secure logistics? Moving IT assets between locations must be a safe and secure process. Logistics comprises physical transportation of assets, packaging, tracking, and storage, all of which must be completed in a secure and efficient manner.

Maximizing Returns on Asset IT Disposal

As IT asset lifespan increasingly gets shorter, ITAD solution providers like All Green Recycling are finding better ways to help businesses maximize returns from the huge e-waste generated by these assets. Responsible IT asset disposal must provide options through which a business can recover returns on its IT waste.

Top ITAD solutions use multiple disposition streams to help businesses realize some returns on IT waste. Some streams used by ITAD solutions include recycling for money, leasing, and take back schemes, among others.

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What is the Disposal of an Asset?

What is the disposal of an asset without a reliable asset disposal solution?

There are two major risks associated with unprofessional computer systems asset disposal – security risk and environmental degradation risk. Entrusting your IT asset disposition to a professional ITAD service provider eliminates or greatly reduces those risks.

To find out how All Green Recycling can help your business avoid a data breach, contact us today.


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