Asset Remarketing

Remarketing outdated equipment maximizes your return on investment while reducing the cost associated with replacement of the technology. All Green Electronics Recycling assesses the value of each piece of equipment and works with our clients to determine the next step which best meets their business goals.

Desktop & Laptop Remarketing

All Green clears your desktop and laptop computers of sensitive data and then determines if they may be remarketed or donated to charities and community organizations.

Data Center Equipment Remarketing

All Green offers solutions to reduce risk, eliminate waste and meet compliance requirements while recovering value on outdated data center equipment.

Mobile & Tablet Remarketing

As you replace your outdated mobile devices, All Green refurbishes these items for resale at the maximum value. At the same time, we ensure all sensitive data is removed and destroyed to protect your company and clients.

Telecom Equipment Remarketing

We analyze your outdated telecom equipment to assess its residual value. We then decommission the hardware and refurbish it after removing all data to mitigate risk.

All Green Electronics Recycling believes in the importance of remarketing outdated equipment to reduce impact on the environment while maximizing the return on investment for the client. At the same time, others can benefit from used and refurbished equipment at a reduced cost. Equipment that no longer has a purpose for the original owner can be repurposed for use in other organizations, charities, schools and for special projects.


Options for Reuse

When equipment is outdated and no longer fits the purpose of the business, it can be disposed of in various ways. All Green Electronics Recycling will analyze each asset to determine the method of disposition which provides the best return on investment to the client. The second priority is to choose a method which protects the environment and our valuable resources.

• Refurbish and reuse within the original business
• Refurbish and sell to an external customer
• Recover parts for use in repairing other components for the client or to sell
• Refurbish and donate to charitable organizations or community projects
• Refurbish and sell to internal staff
• Recycle equipment that has no other useful purpose

Process for Remarketing

All Green conducts a thorough process to determine the final disposition of an asset. The final decision is based on several components:

• Value of the item against the cost to repair
• Resale in current state
• Condition of the asset

We receive the asset back into our processing center where it will be inspected with a number to create a chain-of-command for security. This number will follow the equipment throughout the process until final disposition. It is also used for reporting to the client.

Essential information about the asset is recorded as the item is checked for functionality as well as overall condition. Non-working components are listed in the report with approximate cost of repair or replacement.

Once the decision has been made for the final disposition, All Green begins the process. If the asset is to be repaired or refurbished, we have skilled technicians and third-party partners who help reinstate it to its former condition. We also work with a large group of organizations that will purchase or receive donated items.

Green Recycling

All aspects of our remarketing and disposal process are environmentally responsible. We use only methods that are safe for the earth as we either put the asset back in the market or recycle it.

From the time we arrive on-site to begin disposition of your assets to the time we make the decision about where it will go next to the end report, All Green Electronics Recycling works to ensure everything is handled in an efficient, responsible manner with the utmost concern for your company’s reputation. We use the latest technology and resources to provide secure methods of disposal or reuse to ensue your data is destroyed before the asset is sent out to its next home.

If you are looking for a company to provide one-time or ongoing services for IT asset disposition with the goal of asset remarketing, contact All Green Electronics Recycling. You can count on our professionalism and expertise to provide the maximum return on investment while protecting any information stored on these assets.