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The telecommunications industry is based on the transmission of almost incomprehensible amounts of data and must ensure that all IT assets are managed properly and responsibly, especially when they are to be replaced or disposed of.


The telecommunications industry is based on the ongoing transmission of data between people from all walks of life and companies and organizations of all sizes. With data ranging from voice to text and images to videos – and with new technology bringing new types of data all the time – the telecommunications industry must ensure that its customers’ and its own corporate data is secure at all time.

Complete Data Management Services

Those in the telecommunications industry, from wired and wireless carriers to satellite and cable services and resellers of the same, must ensure that they have complete control of their data management at all times.

And while data management is of vital importance on a day to day basis, issues of data security become even more important when asset disposal or replacement comes into play.

Are Telecommunications Companies Overconfident About Data Security?

Silicon Valley analytics firm FICO conducted a study of senior executives at firms throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Nordics in March and April 2017, and made some rather unusual discoveries. The aim of the study was to ascertain the thoughts of CXOs and senior security officers in industries limited to telecommunications, retail, financial services, media service providers, and e-commerce, regarding their company’s preparedness for a data security breach, and their current levels of cybersecurity protection.

A worrying trend emerged from the data, according to telecoms IT firm Vanilla Plus. As it turned out, telecommunications companies in particular presented as overconfident, with 84% of telco respondents believing that they were better prepared to encounter a data breach than their competitors, and 42% of respondents believing that their firm was a “top performer” when it comes to data security.

telecommunications companies overconfident about data security

These trends proved true only for the telecommunications industry, with, for example, only 17% of financial services respondents claiming to be a “top performer” in their industry.

FICO’s Steve Hadaway noted that the overconfidence in the telecommunications industry was synonymous with a lack of investment in data security.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking you’re doing better than the next guy, unless it leads to complacency and a lack of investment, and our survey clearly showed that more investment is needed.

When Overconfidence Leads to Lack of Preparedness

If there’s a part of you that wonders if your telecommunications company many fall into the above research, there’s good news. You don’t need to know everything about IT asset disposition or media degaussing, you just need to work with a company who does. And that’s where All Green Recycling comes in. As an industry leader in data destruction, hard drive shredding, and full service IT asset declassification and disposal, All Green is ready to turn your overconfidence into assuredness at your military-standard data security and complete asset recycling protocols.

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  • Satellite communications providers
  • Cable TV services
  • Resellers

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All Green Recycling prides itself in working alongside telecommunications companies, ensuring the safety of the data transmitted to and from its customers, along with data held in hard drives and other IT assets. No matter what area of the telecommunications industry you’re in, from a satellite telecommunications provider to a cable television service, or a wired or wireless carrier or reseller, All Green Recycling can put appropriate measures in place to ensure the sanctity of the huge volumes of highly sensitive data being managed.

Contact us today to discuss how All Green Recycling can take care of your data destruction and hard drive shredding needs.