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After a rocky few years, electronics distributors predict that 2017 will be a year of optimism and growth, with global expansion and new products and services on the horizon. As such, data shredding and asset disposal will be of even greater important.


Electronics distributors are a unique industry, with correspondingly unique data destruction and other security needs. The mood among the top electronics distributors in 2017 is one of optimism and growth, with global expansion and new products and services on the horizon.

Every year, Source Today ranks the top 50 electronics distributors in the world, and surveys representatives from each to discover the prevailing sentiments in the industry.

Stability and Change for Electronics Distributors

In 2017, the ranking of the top electronics distributors was described as one of “both stability and change.” In terms of stability, the rankings and relative share of the total global electronics distribution market has remained stable over the past few years, with Avnet and Arrow retaining their huge market share.

2016 global revenue of the top 50 electronics distributors

Yet “undercurrents of change” were also identified, with electronics distribution companies feeling the need to adjust their business models to remain competitive in a changing world of technology and market dynamics.

Industry Confidence

Overall, the industry showed an air of confidence, with revenue predicted to rise, and new products and services planned for release. Some respondents revealed that global expansion was their aim for the year ahead, and most agreed that their primary aim in what was identified to be a growing economy was to increase revenue.

With the industry full of confidence and with new products and services on the way, demand for data destruction and electronics recycling will be on the rise. It is up to world-class companies like All Green Recycling to respond to the new and changing demand.

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A Spanner in the Works: Supply Chain Disruption

The electronics distribution industry is confident that now is the time for growth and expansion, yet Electronics Sourcing magazine noted a report published by the Business Continuity Institute, showing that supply chain disruptions caused costly disruptions for one in three companies in 2016.

Causes of supply chain disruption in 2016 were identified as:

  • unplanned IT and telecommunications outages
  • loss of talent or skills
  • outsource failure
  • transport network disruption
  • cyber-attacks or data breaches.

As for the consequences of supply chain disruptions, the top five were identified as being:

  • loss of productivity
  • increased cost of working
  • customer complaints
  • impaired service outcome
  • damage to reputation or brand.

Worryingly, only a quarter of the respondents reported that avoiding supply chain disruptions was a top priority from the tforanagement in their companies. Clearly, if electronics distribution companies are serious about growing and expanding in the years to come, supply chain disruptions must be taken seriously and measures must be taken to ensure that such disruptions are avoided as much as possible.

Data Destruction Solutions in a Changing Industry

All Green Recycling assists many of the world’s leading electronics distribution companies to avoid cyber-attacks and data breaches. Offering global IT asset disposition solutions, All Green Recycling disposes of and recycles unwanted or obsolete equipment in a safe, cost-effective, and ecologically-responsible manner.

As a global player in the electronics distribution industry, you do not have time to worry about supply chain disruptions caused by data breaches or cyber-attacks. When it comes time to replace your IT assets, you need to call on a trusted partner to take care of the all tasks involved in disposing of your old assets, from packaging, pickup, and transport, to receiving and reporting, and the destruction, recycling, or reuse of your unwanted or superfluous outdated IT equipment.

All Green Recycling are experts at all manner of IT asset disposition, from server recycling to hard drive degaussing and beyond, so contact us today to find out how we can help protect you from supply chain disruptions.