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Electronics OEMs are the power behind some of the world’s largest and most prominent electronics manufacturers. Proper legal and ethical management and disposal of end-of-life electronics is essential to the management of an electronics OEM company.


Incidents of cyber attacks in the electronics manufacturers (OEM) industry are on the rise, and research suggests that attackers are looking to steal sensitive information and valuable intellectual property. Now is the time for electronics OEM companies to step up their security efforts and ensure that valuable IT assets are disposed of in the right way.

Disturbing New Statistics

2016 research revealed that the manufacturing sector is now the second most frequently hacked industry, with healthcare being the only industry more likely to be attacked.

IBM X-Force Research revealed in its 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index that the value of intellectual property leaving the United States every year has risen to a phenomenal $400 billion, and attackers are now targeting manufacturers more than ever.

Targeting the OEM Industry

And there’s a very good reason why the electronics manufacturers (OEM) sector is being targeted at an alarming rate. Manufacturers are generally not held to the same standards as other sectors, for example, the financial services and healthcare industries, giving manufacturers the opportunity to relax their policies regarding data security and end-of-life practices for IT assets.

As the following chart shows, 91% of data breaches in the manufacturing sector were caused by outsiders. Increased standards of data security and asset end-of-life protocols will go a long way towards reducing the incidents of data breaches within the electronics manufacturing industry.

Electronics Manufacturing OEM data breach causes

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The High Cost of Data Breaches

Data breaches come at a huge cost. When an electronics OEM suffers a data breach, not only must they deal with the potentially exorbitant financial costs of the breach, but they also run the very real risk of losing their manufacturing contracts.

After all, a prominent electronics firm would be wary of partnering with an OEM company that had previously left themselves vulnerable to a security breach or cyber attack.

Protecting Electronics Manufacturing Companies From Security Breaches

Luckily there is a simple solution for electronics manufacturers (OEM) companies who are keen to remove the risk of a security breach. All Green Recycling is a world leader in secure and classified equipment destruction, and can securely and completely destroy any end-of-life or otherwise unwanted IT assets from the manufacturing industry.

Trusted by some of the largest companies and high-level government agencies in the world, All Green Recycling is well equipped to handle end-of-life processes for unwanted IT assets, hard drives, and any specialty equipment that is no longer wanted by you, but that would be of interest to someone seeking to profit from your company’s assets.

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Electronics Manufacturing Sectors Served

  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Electronics manufacturing service providers (EMS)
  • Contract electronics manufacturers (CEMs)
  • Original design manufacturers (ODMs)

All Green Recycling caters to the needs and the budgets of manufacturers of every type and from every tier.

  • Tier 1: >$800m/1Billion
  • Tier 2: $250/300m to $1B
  • Tier 3: <$250m
  • Tier 4: <10m
  • High Mix Low Volume (HMLV)
  • High Volume Low Mix (HVLM)

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