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Gary Data Destruction

Wiping, degaussing, crushing, or shredding your private data and information in Gary is now possible with our Data Destruction service. We only provide the best for you, because we want you to be satisfied with what we do.

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Gary Electronics Recycling

Gary Electronics

In Gary, we provide a convenient and responsible E-Waste Recycling System. With  proper recycling and reusing of toxic e-waste materials, people can live in a healthy and green environment.

Gary Computer Recycling

Gary Computer

Our company offers a highly reliable computers recycling in Gary. This service is to provide a healthy environment while living in this city. We also provide e-waste pickup and recycling services. Contact us now and enjoy our services!

Gary Hard Drive Shredding

Gary Hard Drive

Choosing our Hard Drive Shredding Services is the best for you in Gary. We are the best e-waste company to promote responsible recycling system to help protect our environment. We are recognized not only in this country but in the entire North America as well.

Gary IT Asset

We can help you have extra income out of your disposable computers, mobile phones, scanners, printers and other old IT Assets. We can recycle, resell or destroy your old items. Grab our service now because this is for you!

Data Destruction in Gary, IN

Businesses often look for state-of-the-art facilities for their data destruction needs. With Gary Data Destruction, we do not only offer you a service that is compliant with the industry’s highest security standards. We also assure our clients that we are highly protective of sensitive data that you value the most.


Our company owns custom built and state-of-the-art mobile shredders and a security data system that are the most advanced in the world. Our Untha RS-30 shredder can shred several hundred hard drives in less than an hour thus making our service incomparable.

Gary, Indiana

The United States Steel Corporation founded Gary in 1906 to serve as home for its new plant named Gary Works. This city was named after lawyer Elbert Henry Gary, the founding chairman of the steel company.

Gary now has a population of 80, 294 based on the 2010 census making it the ninth-largest city in the state of Indiana. 

The steel industry gave Gary a very rapid growth and diverse population during the first 26 years since its founding.  The 1920 United States Census classified Gary’s residents as foreign-born, most of whom came from European countries.

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Gary Data Destruction: The Best You Can Have

The need to secure computer data and information is a must when disposing electronic equipment. Some of your company’s important data may have been left stored in photocopiers, fax machines, printers and even your old smartphones putting these at risk to information theft.

But with Data Destruction in Gary, we give you the assurance of expert handling of your data destruction needs.  So why worry?

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