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Gary IT Asset Disposition

We are the premier electronics recycling facility in Gary and the rest of Indiana. IT asset disposition doesn’t just mean losing assets, because in our business, we help recoup the losses. The company does other things too: electronics recycling, computer recycling, data destruction and hard drive shredding.

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Gary Electronics Recycling

Gary Electronics

Cellphones, blenders, microwaves, television and many more. Don’t throw any of these in the garbage. Any of these can still be recycled—especially their parts.

Gary Computer Recycling

Gary Computer

Computers are constantly evolving. So every few years, owners will decide to upgrade their system. But don’t throw away your computers… recycle!

Gary Data Destruction

Gary Data

Beware of data stored in your computers. Don’t rely too much on the delete button of the computer, hackers know better. Make sure you digitally wipe data through our data destruction service.

Gary Hard Drive Shredding

Gary Hard Drive

Another way to prevent data from being leaked is to shred the hard drive. Only an advanced technology can handle such shredding. We have that technology.

IT Asset Disposition in Gary, IN

It is amazing to know that the moment you purchased the IT equipment for your business operations, you were thinking about increasing your productivity and at the same time, even if you are disposing these materials, you can still earn from them. All Green Electronics Recycling can be of big help to make that happen.


Most companies in Gary, Indiana are worried about where they should dispose the electronic wastes, because for these unaware people, these devices are already junks and can no longer contribute positively to the business. However, with the help of our Gary IT Asset Disposition services, we can twist them all and make the materials reusable and resalable.

Gary, Indiana

This is a city in the heart of Lake County, accommodating almost a hundred thousand of residents. It is composed of many towns, and each town has historical places, making the city very attractive to many tourists. One thing that makes the place very popular is the fact that this is a home of The Jackson 5. Another thing is that there are believed to be many ghost towns in the city.

On the other hand, the business sectors in Gary, Indiana are also prospering. They have expanded business all throughout the city. We’re one of the businesses you can find in the area where we promote green living through electronic recycling.

IT Asset Disposition Services Offered In:

All Green Electronics Recycling: Expert in ITAD

In terms of IT Asset Disposition, you need to contact a company that offers quality works. There are many services included in our package. You may opt to avail the data destruction services through our hard drive shredding, or you may also get the electronic waste recycling.

We respond to your needs with our Gary IT Asset Disposition services. We can do the inventory of your IT equipment, generate a report out of it and we will give you information on how much you can recover from your used devices. We can help you more than you can think of.

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