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Chandler Computer Recycling

Touted as the best and certified E-Waste Recycling in North America, we can assure that our clients in Chandler will be happy and satisfied with our proven Computer Recycling System. Along with this offered e-waste service are the other helpful services such as IT Asset Disposition, Certified Hard Drive Destruction, Electronics Recycling, and On-Site Hard Drive Shredding.

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Chandler Electronics Recycling

Chandler Electronics

Our Electronics Recycling in Chandler can be trusted. The business entities, government institutions, and private individuals can benefit from this offered e-waste service. Our procedures are prudent and focused on 100% satisfaction. 

Chandler Data Destruction

Chandler Data

Our Data Destruction does have various options. We can professionally wipe, degauss, crush or shred your data. With our certified and secure Data Destruction options, rest assured that your identity and honor will be protected because the disposable hard drives will totally be cleansed.

Chandler Hard Drive Shredding

Chandler Hard Drive

Hard Drive Shredding is part of our multiple e-waste recycling services offered in Chandler, IN. With us, you will be assured that your shredding needs will be accommodated. We can shred your hard drives while you watch. 

IT Asset Disposition Icon

Chandler IT Asset

This is a great opportunity for you today to make extra money through your end-of-life IT assets. Remember that you should not dump your old computers, printers, and scanners in the landfills. Thus, just rely on us as we will serve you according to your standards.

Computer Recycling in Chandler, IN

When electronic equipment including old computers start to accumulate in your homes and work places, this pose a serious threat to health and the environment. Computer circuit boards, for example, contain lead while its motherboards and connectors often contain beryllium. Studies say that lead is highly toxic and may endanger the liver, kidneys and the nervous system. We at Chandler Computer Recycling have highly qualified personnel who will visit your homes or offices to collect your old computers for recycling.


We de-manufacture your computers to remove reusable items like steels and aluminum to produce new items like car parts.

Chandler, Indiana

Humid summers and cool to cold winters are experienced in this town located in Boon and Ohio township in Warrick City. Chandler has a land area of 2.03 square miles and a population of 2, 887 according to the 2010 census. Its first post office which opened in 1847 was named Lee.  In 1847, the post office was renamed to Chandler after railroad foreman O. E. Chandler.

Computer Recycling Services Offered In:

A Certified Company for Computer Recycling Needs in Chandler, IN

Recycling is a daunting task.  What makes is more difficult is the fact that old computers contain chemicals like lead and beryllium that are harmful to humans and this planet.  With Chandler Computer Recycling, we do computer recycling to using only the highest available standards to give you customer satisfaction.

All you have to do is to call us and we will be at your doorsteps to pick up your computers.  With the use of All Green Electronics Recycling technology, you are assured of the fastest and the best quality service that you deserve.

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