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Phoenix Computer Recycling

Recycle computers with the premier facility in Phoenix and the rest of Arizona. We can assure you that no computer will ever reach the landfill or developing countries. We will recycle parts that can be reused and shred those that are no longer serviceable.

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Phoenix Electronics

Bring electronics in, or call us for an e-waste pickup. We change the world one e-waste at a time, by making sure old electronics are recycled. We recycle with the environment in mind.

Phoenix Data Destruction

Phoenix Data

In Phoenix, we are the trusted electronics recycling company. We handle data destruction knowing how important and sacred personal information are. We ensure that your information will not leave the electronic device they are saved in.

Phoenix Hard Drive Shredding

Phoenix Hard Drive

We are equipped with advanced technology that can shred hard drives into minute pieces that it will be hard for any information to be retrieved. We also have a complete mobile facility so we can do on-site shredding. Your secret will be shredded along with your hard drive.

Phoenix IT Asset Disposition

Phoenix IT Asset

Updating computers is a part of the technological life. When you dispose your IT assets, call us to be your partners. We will make logistical costs as low as possible.

Computer Recycling in Phoenix, AZ

All Green Electronics Recycling is a world-class company that provides responsible and responsive e-waste recycling!

Phoenix Computer Recycling

More and more companies are sending their electronics to recycling facilities for environmental reasons. The world is currently experiencing the pangs of climate change so government agencies and corporations are answering the call for a more environment-friendly practice. One such practice is to drop off old and obsolete electronics to a recycling facility. But All Green Electronics Recycling provides Phoenix Computer Recycling, a hassle-free service to pick your e-waste wherever you want them to be picked up. Just schedule a pickup by calling us or submitting an online request.


Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the most populous city in the state of Arizona with a population of over 1.5 million people. It is also the sixth most populous city in the entire United States, and the most populous state capital. The city is known as the Valley of the Sun. And for decades, even centuries, Phoenix’s economy hinges on the five Cs: cotton, cattle, citrus, climate and copper. But through the years, the economy has adapted to the world trend and opened its city to high-technology industries.

Four Fortune 500 companies consider Phoenix home including Avnet, an electronics corporation, and Freeport McMoRan, a mining company.

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The Best E-Waste Recycler in the Country

Choosing an e-waste recycler is going to be hard. This is why All Green Electronics Recycling aims to make it easier for clients to choose by becoming the best in its category. Not a lot of recyclers receive certifications from three major organizations. Getting the R2 and ISO 14001 only shows how serious the company is in changing the world one e-waste at a time through Phoenix Computer Recycling.

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