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McAllen Computer Recycling

We can provide a world-class Computer Recycling in McAllen. Through this service, you will no longer worry where to find for a perfect company to be tasked for this job. We’re expert in recycling all brands and sorts of computers. We’ve been in this industry for quite so long now. Thus, you can really rely on our capacity.

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McAllen Electronics Recycling

McAllen Electronics

Recycling electronic wastes in McAllen can truly help you. E-wastes can harm the environment due to the toxins they bring. But because we offer various options related to convenient and responsible recycling, your e-waste problems will be addressed. 

McAllen Data Destruction

McAllen Data

Destroying the files and information in your hard drives and servers is easy with our system. We're here to help you degauss or wipe those personal files and information. We can completely erase your data for your safety.

McAllen Hard Drive Shredding

McAllen Hard Drive

In McAllen  and the surrounding area, you will be safe through our certified Hard Drive Shredding system. We have a special team to assess your shredding demands. Then, we have the best people to work for you. 

McAllen IT Asset Disposition

McAllen IT Asset

If you want to refresh your old IT equipment, relying on our certified IT Disposition Services is the best thing you can do. Through our system, you can still make money out of your disposable IT assets. We're here to serve you with our best. 

Computer Recycling in McAllen, TX

The United States is the world’s largest producer of electronic wastes or e-wastes. This is why it is important that every city should have an expert company that handles these things. In Texas, major cities already have All Green Electronics Recycling. The McAllen Computer Recycling service ensures that e-wastes can be reused. We have had adapted the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” policies in handling e-wastes.


The company has complied with all the requirements and regulations under the US Environmental Protection Agency regarding the handling of e-waste and other hazardous materials. And one of the more important aspects is computer recycling.

McAllen, Texas

McAllen, Texas is located at 26°12′59″N 98°14′11″W, with a total land area of 46.3 square miles. Majority of the area is land, with just one percent covering water. There are only about 140,000 people in the area. The climate, just like the rest of Texas, is sub-tropical. The city is the focal point of the McAllen Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), the first in-land FTZ in the country. It is also among the FTZs that are still active. Its McAllen-Miller International Airport is considered an FTZ designation site so that air cargo needs can be facilitated.

The FTZ allows businessmen to save because it is duty-free. The city greatly benefits from it, in terms of its economy. The city is determined to make foreign relations stronger by making sure it is taking care of its environment.

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The Best in McAllen Computer Recycling

This is why the city only taps All Green Electronics Recycling for its e-waste disposal. Because All Green Electronics Recycling is the best e-waste recycler in the country. We, through the McAllen Computer Recycling, have a certified e-waste recycling facility. Individuals and companies only need to call the company and schedule for e-wastes to be picked up at a certain area. We also have drop-off areas. E-wastes do not belong in the trash bin.

Let our team recycle your computer and other electronic gadgets professionally!

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