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McAllen IT Asset Disposition

We’re recognized as a Certified E-Waste Recycling in McAllen. By this recognition, we can boast of our top-notch IT Asset Disposition Services. We can help you gain monetarily out of your ready-to-dispose IT assets. We serve not only in Texas but also across the United States.

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McAllen Electronics Recycling

McAllen Electronics

In McAllen, Texas, we professionally operate to help recycle all sorts of e-waste. This service is helpful to the environment as well to all residents here. Any business entity or government institution can also work with us in our drive for environmental protection.

McAllen Computer Recycling

McAllen Computer

Recycling of old and unused computers in McAllen is helpful to the residents and workers here. Our recycling options are all convenient adn comfortable. We can manage your e-waste professionally. 

McAllen Data Destruction

McAllen Data

Securing of a Hard Drive Destruction Company can be easy with our presence. Our services range from wiping, to degaussing, to crushing, and shredding your personal sensitive data.We guarantee to providing peace of mind as we serve you safely.

McAllen Hard Drive Shredding

McAllen Hard Drive

We're the best Hard Drive Shredding Company in McAllen, Texas. This service is anchored on our drive to help people retain their honor and dignity. The moment you dispose your computer, the hard drives may contain sensitive information which we can completely destroy.

IT Asset Disposition in McAllen, TX

Information Technology (IT) asset disposition or ITAD is the disposal of obsolete equipment in a safe and ecologically responsible manner. This is why it is always better to tap experts that can handle these things. It’s not as easy as throwing the obsolete technology in the bin. There are chemicals and toxins involved. McAllen IT Asset Disposition service by All Green Electronics Recycling ensures that assets are disposed of properly and in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.
We have a centrally managed ITAD process. The company aims to make every step of the ITAD transparent to the customer. A client can track disposal through the company’s online Client Portal. This way, the client can ask for an update whenever necessary.

McAllen, Texas

McAllen, Texas, as of the last census, has less than 150,000 people. But McAllen is the largest city in Hidalgo County. Together with Edinburgh and Mission, McAllen forms the metropolitan area in Hidalgo where most of the population lives. This metropolitan area, with over 800,000 in population, is the sixth most populated area in Texas.

It’s safe to say that a lot of industries are found in this metropolitan area because of the presence of manpower. With industries come technologies. And in a few years, these technologies need to be disposed of appropriately.

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We’re Expert in McAllen IT Asset Disposition

When the time comes that technologies have to be disposed, we’re the right company for the job. It is an expert in ITAD, after all. The people behind All Green Electronics Recycling’s ITAD are certified experts in the field. The company is capable of removing IT assets from anywhere in the US. In the case of Texas, there is IT Asset Disposition in McAllen, Texas.

We also boast of a robust inventory management system that includes tagging and tracking individual asset of a client. The company also provides comprehensive documentation on every step of the ITAD process.

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