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Evansville Hard Drive Shredding

Our Hard Drive Shredding in Evansville is world-class. We can destroy the sensitive data and information stored in the hard drives or servers. We can provide an on-site hard drive shredding service wherever you are in this city.

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Electronic Recycling

Recycling e-waste plays an important role to protect the environment. In Evansville, we offer convenient and responsible e-waste recycling services. Our workforce are all well-trained and professionally molded to render beneficial results. 

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Recycle computers because this is important. In Evansville, you can try our convenient e-waste pickup. Our electronic recycling options are touted as the best not only in this country but also in the entire North America. We have the best people to work for you. 

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Hard Drive Destruction plays a significant role before disposing of your old electronics. This particular service should be done professionally. Otherwise, you'll be endangered. Hence, you need to have a company to perform the destruction of sensitive data and information. 

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Making your disposable IT assets is a good source of revenue. But you can only enjoy this one through our ITAD services. We're here to assist you professionally so that you can easily profit from the unused computers, mobile phones, printers, among other technological equipment you possess.

Hard Drive Shredding in Evansville, IN

All Green Electronics Recycling has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment the companies can trust to shred and secure their computer data system. In Indiana, Evansville Hard Drive Shredding is one of our best offers. We have a hi-tech mobile shredder, which is considered as the most advanced technology in this world in terms of data shredding.


We’re using Untha RS-30 shredder. It has the capability to shred hundreds of hard drives within an hour. This shredder can help the people of Evansville, Indiana.

Evansville, Indiana

In 2010, the City of Evansville had a population of 117,429. This city has big companies such as Accuride Corporation, Atlas Van Lines, Berry Plastics, and General Cigar Company, to name a few. This city clearly has so many hard drives that have to be cleansed and secured regularly.

Server or hard drive shredding is not easy. With our hard drive shredding in Evansville, however, cleansing the computer servers and drives can easily be done.

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The Best System Used in Evansville Hard Drive Shredding

Hard drive shredding is easy with All Green Electronics Recycling. That’s why our Evansville hard drive shredding is important if you are living in Indiana. We have been using modern technologies and know-how.

We deliver quick, fast and trusted services to all our clienteles. We have modern facilities. We render our professional services as quick as needed, because we’re a service-oriented company to accommodate all your e-waste needs.

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