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Electronics Recycling in Fresno County

For all your electronic waste recycling needs, let All Green Electronics Recycling provide you the most convenient and hassle-free solutions. We have the best people to work for you in Fresno County, California.


Electronics Recycling

All EOL IT equipment should be recycled, reused, or remarketed to avoid extreme environmental problems. Choose us now.

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IT Asset Disposition

We have premium IT Asset Disposition service that can satisfy your demands. We're a top-notch e-waste recycling company.

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Data Destruction

Destroying sensitive, non-public files and data is one way to see to it that your brand is protected from data and information breaches.

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Equipment Destruction

We will destroy all recalled, defective, and end-of-life IT products to prevent them from being sold on the market again.

Electronics Recycling Fresno County Drop-off Locations By All Green

For you to make sure that all old electronic products are managed and disposed of well, you should count on All Green’s Electronics Recycling Fresno County Services. We can serve the following areas:

If your city is not listed above, or you’re too far from the nearest drop-off location, then request a pickup from your home or business by following the link below.

Request E-Waste Pickup

We are now in this area, providing easy, efficient, and convenient e-waste recycling solutions. We’re a top-notch company in the industry. Our customers have been happy after working with us. Hence, you can rely on our premium services.

Fresno County is located in the San Joaquin Valley region of Central California. It is home to 930,450 residents and 15 incorporated cities. Help keep Fresno County clean and e-waste free with All Green!

Recycle Electronics Today

Recycle Electronics ImageRecycling e-waste is a present trend. Each one of us who owns tech gadgets should understand the importance of this drive. The environment has been suffering a lot due to visible problems generally triggered by global warming. The presence of copper, lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium, iron, and other metals in EOL IT equipment is a major factor why global warming is getting worse every single day. So one way to mitigate further environmental damage is to recycle, reuse, or remarket all disposable and obsolete IT products.


List of Items You May Consider Recycling:

Computer Disposal

Computer Disposal ImageAll old computer products at home or in your office should not be accumulated in the storage areas. What to do with them? They need to be recycled appropriately. Otherwise, they can extremely cause more problems to Mother Earth. Our computer recycling program has been tested to provide the best results. Through our service, there’s nothing to worry about how to handle your disposable desktops and laptops.


Data Security and Hard Drive Destruction

Data Security ImageAll hard drives have sensitive information and data. They must be removed from the sources which can be hacked by third-party individuals. Once the sensitive data are hacked, they can cause trouble to your business. One effective way to avoid this business problem is through the certified data security by All Green Electronics Recycling.


Nationwide Processing Centers

Nationwide Processing Centers ImageWe have an extensive network of e-waste recyclers not only in the U.S. but also in entire North America. We also have more pickup trucks than the other recyclers in the country. Our competitiveness is, therefore, higher than others.

All you have to do now is to contact us for you to know further details and information. Our Electronics Recycling Fresno County Services are always ready for you, seven days a week.