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Recycling electronics in Clovis is easy and efficient with All Green Electronics Recycling.


Electronics Recycling Clovis Services, CA

Clovis Electronic Waste RecyclingRecycling electronics in Clovis is easy and efficient with Electronics Recycling Clovis Services that All Green Recycling Company offers. Clovis is located in Fresno County. The city began as a freight stop on the San Joaquin Valley Railroad around 1890, and is now home to over 95,000 residents. To help keep this city clean and e-waste, you need the tested certified solutions by All Green.

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IT Asset Disposition


Recycle Electronics ImageWe collect and recycle all types of electronic devices. To have our services, schedule a pickup today, or try to find a drop-off location near you. Don’t throw your disposable electronics, like mobile gadgets and computers, in the trash bin. This practice can harm the environment because obsolete electronic equipment is highly toxic. What you need to do is to trust All Green Electronics Recycling e-waste disposal processes. We guarantee nothing but a proven way for your electronic devices to be reused and remarketed through our IT asset remarketing program. This, any landfill here and abroad will be e-waste free.

Clovis Electronics Recycling


Our electronics recycling services are guaranteed and certified. You can have convenience as we collect, refurbish, and repackage your end-of-life IT products to make them ready for reselling. We provide comfort as we have a nationwide pickup program. We have more trucks than any other IT asset recycling vendors not only in the U.S. but also in the entire North America. Surely, your e-waste demands will be met easily. 

Electronics Recycling Clovis serves the business people in this location. Our approaches are done in an optimized way. Our integrity and assurance are certified . We help each and every one to have a sustainable future with proper and professionally done e-waste disposal approaches the really work.

Secure Data Destruction and Hard Drive Shredding

You need to have a secure and safe process to destroy your digital data by shredding and crushing your hard drives. Your obsolete computers when not shredded properly will cause risks to your business and even your life. Our data deletion program is comprised of 4 main aspects. 

  1. Professional shredding of hard drives
  2. Secure wiping of electronic data
  3. Degaussing of media portals
  4. Shredding of SSDs and other digital storage 

On-site and off-site, your digital data will permanently be wiped. If you want your digital information to be erased right at your office, on-site shredding process can take place. But if you want our latest shredding equipment to work completely, you can let our team bring your obsolete IT products in our processing centers where your sensitive data and information will permanently be deleted. 

Certified Electronics Recycling Company 

All Green has many recycling partners not only in this country but all over North America. This is to provide convenience wherever you are. When it comes to having tested e-waste disposal solutions, our electronics recycling Clovis is the answer. Contact us now to start recycling old electronics responsibly.