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Electronics Recycling in Coalinga

All Green offers Coalinga certified safe, reliable, and convenient ways to recycle electronic waste. Contact us to schedule a pick-up or visit the drop-off locations near you.


Electronics Recycling

Recycle your old mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices. Let All Green Recycling help you reduce your clutter in the most environmentally-friendly way.

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IT Asset Disposition

Migrating to the cloud? Getting rid of clunky computers and servers? We have the optimal solution for the disposition of your obsolete IT assets so that you can transition with ease.  

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Data Destruction

You don’t have to worry about any leftover data in your discarded devices being exploited. We guarantee permanent and secure data destruction for your peace of mind.

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Equipment Destruction

Sometimes destruction is the best way of protection, especially when it comes to defective merchandise, faulty equipment, or highly sensitive storage devices. Contact us for options.

Electronics Recycling Coalinga Services In California

Electronics Recycling Coalinga CA

You’re probably reading this on a mobile phone, one you’ve probably purchased a few months ago, and would probably upgrade and replace months down the road. In fact, on the average, phones are being replaced every 18 months. Other devices such as computers and music players get replaced every two years or so. This all adds up to a lot of unwanted electronics accumulating in people’s homes. So, trust our certified R2/RIOS Recycler facility to provide expert Electronics Recycling Coalinga Services.

Or worse, getting thrown in landfills where it is estimated that electronic waste accounts for 2% of the trash, but 70% of the toxic garbage. And toxic it is – electronics contain toxins such as mercury, lead, cadmium, polybrominated flame retardants, barium, and lithium, which if improperly treated and disposed of, could lead to congenital disabilities and a host of other problems affecting the nervous and reproductive systems. When dumped in landfills, water could flow through the trash and pick up trace elements from these hazardous components, eventually leaching into the natural groundwater, introducing the toxins to the soil and drinking water supply. On the other hand, burning the e-waste releases cancer-producing dioxins, polluting the air that we breathe. The solution lies in proper and responsible electronics recycling.

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Coalinga, CA

Coalinga is a full-service community located in the Pleasant Valley, in Fresno, Central California. It began as a coal mining site established by the Southern Pacific Railroad Company in 1888. Legend has it that in those days, there were three coal mining stations (A, B, and C) and the name Coalinga was derived by mixing “Coaling” and “Station A.” Although it was mining that initially gave the region its name, it was the “oil rush” of 1890 that eventually provided the area with over 100 years of relative prosperity. In the early days, drinking water was scarce, and Coalinga had to import water for its citizens until the 1960s when the city implemented a system to convert brackish water from wells into drinkable water. In 1972, Coalinga received its first delivery of canal water from the State/Federal system, which further bolstered the growth of its agricultural sector.

In 1983, Coalinga experienced a moment magnitude 6.5 earthquake which destroyed most of the commercial district. It prompted the city to look to other sources of industry, which have now expanded into state incarceration and health care services. Today, Coalinga is a lively city which prides itself on being “The Sunny Side of the Valley.” All Green is happy to help the community of Coalinga with their electronics recycling needs through our top-notch services and facilities.

Mobile Phone, Laptop, and Computer Recycling

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

If you have accumulated a lot of electronic clutter at home, don’t throw them in the garbage bin.  All Green offers a safer and reliable way of disposing of them – Electronics Recycling Coalinga Services. When you leave your end-of-life electronics at our drop-off locations or request us to pick them up, you can be assured that we will process them in eco-friendly ways.

We will assess the best way to dispose of your electronics, from refurbishing and remarketing so they can be made useful again, or shredding and scrapping to recover valuable resources such as non-renewable metals.

Coalinga IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

For corporate clients who wish to replace and discard their obsolete IT equipment, we also offer expert ITAD services for a seamless transition. We provide optimal solutions at every stage of the process: from packing and transporting your assets, to determining the best alternatives for a maximum return on your investment, and to finally disposing of them most sustainably. You can be confident that any residual data on your assets will not be mishandled or exploited. We apply the latest technology in both data and equipment destruction to ensure that leftover data will be rendered unrecoverable.

100% Environmentally-Friendly

We have invested in the best processes and partnered with other responsible recyclers to ensure that all the e-waste we receive will be handled safely and without harm to the environment. We have a no-landfill policy so you can be sure that we will not be dumping any toxins into the waste-streams or contaminating our precious water supplies. We do not use incinerators or transport any junk to other countries for reprocessing. Everything we do is all green, all the time.

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