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Electronics Recycling in Fowler

Let All Green Fowler E-Waste Management Solutions give your old gadgets and IT equipment a new lease on life through electronics recycling.


Electronics Recycling

We have a proven track record of providing certified electronics recycling solutions. Our experts can pick up the IT assets at your location, and you can track the recycling progress now and then.

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IT Asset Disposition

We offer Global IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions to help provide secure and seamless transitions of your outdated assets and maximize the return on your IT investment.  

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Data Destruction

Data-sensitive assets require particular sanitation methods beyond clicking on the “Delete” button.  We offer certified data destruction services to safeguard your data and protect your brand.

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Equipment Destruction

Defective or recalled products need not damage your company’s reputation.  We provide environment-friendly ways to destroy these via shredding, de-manufacturing, or crushing.

Electronics Recycling Fowler Services In California

Electronics Recycling Fowler CAAccording to the Global E-Waste Monitor, 44.7 million metric tons of E-waste (discarded products with a battery or plug) were generated in 2016.  However, only 20% of E-waste is documented to be collected and properly recycled, with the remaining 80% likely thrown into residual waste, or dumped, traded or recovered under inferior conditions, posing a threat to the environment and human health. With the continued progress in technology, industrialization, and urbanization, it is projected that the amount of electronic waste generated will rise to 52.2 million metric tons by 2021. All Green Recycling is determined to contribute to the solution and is proud to offer our Electronics Recycling Fowler Services in California.

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Fowler E-Waste Management Solutions

Fowler is touted as “The Blossom Trail City” in California. It is a small but progressive community located in the San Joaquin Valley. Known for its charming vineyards and expansive farmlands, the city also provides excellent opportunities for economic development in the industrial sector. As the city continues to blossom to its full potential, we are committed to providing solutions to help businesses achieve their goals while reducing the environmental impact of e-waste.

Technology and Obsolescence

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Rapid technological advancements provide businesses with better opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness at a faster rate than ever. To keep up with the changing times and remain competitive, there is a need for companies to assess the usefulness of their existing IT Assets, and decide on the best course of action to discard any obsolete or unwanted equipment. This is where proper IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) becomes necessary.

Turning E-waste into Potential E-treasure

With our proven expertise in global ITAD, we offer clients seamless and convenient solutions to manage the disposal of obsolete assets, from packaging and transporting the equipment, securely destroying the sensitive data therein, and providing optimal final disposition options. One such option is IT Asset Remarketing, which enables companies to turn e-waste into potential e-treasure. 

How It Works

With remarketing, we provide the best alternatives to maximize our client’s return on investment and minimize the negative impact on the environment at the same time.  Our experts examine the condition of the assets, assess their resale price in their current state, and compare their value against the cost needed to repair them.

Those that can be refurbished can then be:

  • Redeployed within the original business to avoid costly new purchases
  • Sold to external customers using the industry’s most progressive resale platform
  • Donated to charity organizations or community projects
  • Given as gifts to diligent employees to boost their productiveness

The recoverable parts can be used in repairing other components for the client to use or sell.  Those items left with no other use or purpose can then be recycled in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Secure and Compliant

Throughout this process, clients can be assured that:

  • Any residual data will first be securely sanitized before the assets are refurbished or reused
  • Items that aren’t fit for remarketing are recommended for hard drive shredding for complete asset destruction
  • Recycling methods comply with federal, state, and local regulations

Avail of All Green expert services in Electronics Recycling Fowler.  Be part of the solution and explore the potentials of proper e-waste management with us.

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