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Electronics Recycling in Huron

Choose All Green Recycling for Worry-Free and Guilt-Free Mobile Phone Recovery, Computer Recycling, and other Electronics Recycling Services in Huron, California.


Electronics Recycling

Protect the environment and declutter your house or office at the same time.  Make use of our drop-off locations or have us pick up your electronic waste (e-waste) for free.

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IT Asset Disposition

Get rid of your obsolete gadgets and equipment in a way that maximizes the return on your investments and minimizes the environmental impact.  We’ll help you with this.  

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Data Destruction

Have peace of mind knowing that any stored data in your equipment will be stringently sanitized using the latest technology and will not end up in the wrong hands.

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Equipment Destruction

If some IT assets should never see the light of day (defective, counterfeit, or classified equipment), we’ll make sure that they stay that way. Call All Green Recycling now.

Electronics Recycling Huron Services In California

Electronics Recycling Huron CAAs it gets easier to purchase and replace electronic equipment like mobile phones and computers, the amount of generated E-waste (discarded products with a battery or plug) also increases correspondingly. According to a 2017 Global E-Waste Monitor publication, this trend is expected to continue with the amount of e-waste forecasted to increase to 52.2 million metric tons by 2021. If dumped irresponsibly and treated inadequately, the toxic substances contained in e-waste can seep into the soil and contaminate water supplies, endangering the environment and human health.  All Green Recycling rises to the challenge and is proud to offer safe and responsible Electronics Recycling Huron Services.

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Huron Computer Recycling

Huron is often referred to as the “cornucopia” of the San Joaquin Valley.  Primarily agricultural, the abundance of resources becomes even more evident during the harvest season. All Green Recycling recognizes the need to contribute to the preservation and sustainable development of these resources and offers residents superior solutions to reduce, reuse, and recycle e-waste particularly computer units. Do your part and let us help you manage your end-of-life desktops and laptops the right way.

Not All Electronics Recycling Facilities Are Created Equal

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Computers and other similar equipment contain a wealth of personal, corporate, and institutional information, which if inadequately erased, could open the door to data breaches and identity thefts. Just hitting “Factory Reset” may not be enough to guarantee that any residual data will not be exploited.

It is important to consider the potential data security risks when selecting your recycling service provider. All Green is a certified electronics recycling facility, so you can be assured that both your electronic waste and your data will be handled securely and responsibly. 

Worry-Free Data and Asset Destruction

Using the latest technology in data sanitation, we perform services such as data scrubbing and degaussing to ensure that your data will no longer be recoverable. On top of that, we also offer services to securely deal with the physical storage of the data, destroying the hard drives, CDs, or tapes via shredding or crushing. Alternatively, we can also recommend strategies to help you maximize your return on investment and/or give back to the community using the sanitized but still reusable equipment. For added transparency and accountability, we provide secure access to our online Client Portal where you can easily track the movements of your electronic equipment within our facility. At the end of the process, we issue a Certificate of Destruction which attests to the compliance of the electronics recycling and destruction process.

Guilt-Free and Eco-Responsible Electronic Waste Management Solutions

We ensure that everything that enters our facilities, including the packaging that your electronics came in with, is appropriately recycled. To avoid contaminating the soil, water, or air around us, we do not make use of landfills or incinerators.  We do not transport e-junk to other countries for processing either. You can be assured that our recycling methods comply with federal, state, and local regulations.

Trust us! Try our Electronics Recycling Huron Services, and together, we can keep the “Heart of the Valley” all green. Contact All Green Recycling today for more details.