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If you want to successfully recycle and remarket old computers, cellular phones, and other IT equipment, you need the proven E-Waste Management Solutions of All Green Recycling.


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Through our environment-friendly Electronics Recycling service, your e-waste problems will be addressed.

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Our ITAD Solutions are helping hundreds of happy customers in the U.S. and North America. Choose us now.

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Hard drives, SSDs, USBs, servers, DVDs, and other digital data channels should be destroyed completely.

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Since day 1 of our Equipment Destruction service until finish, we will deliver results with transparent reporting.

Electronics Recycling Sanger Services By All Green

Sanger ImageElectronic products are part of our daily lives. We cannot live without a cellular phone in our hands, for instance. This has led to the accumulation of e-waste every now and then. Yearly, the volume of accumulated old mobile devices, computers, printers, TV sets, and the like is continuously growing. There has to be a proper intervention as this phenomenon might cause environmental destruction and natural resources depletion. To resolve the problems linked to e-junk, we need to embrace a responsible and eco-friendly system. Hence, you have to try Electronics Recycling Sanger Services if you are living and/or doing business in this location.

Where is Sanger?

Sanger is located in Fresno County in the San Joaquin Valley, California. It was designated the “Nation’s Christmas Tree City” by the U.S. Postal Service in 1949.

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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronics ImageDid you know that e-waste dumping affects the third world countries? Yes, it is true because most of our produced electronic trash are dumped in the landfills located in developing nation-states. However, if you think that the effects only hit those people living in there, you’re definitely wrong. The impacts are everywhere. Therefore, all of us have to embrace an eco-friendly recycling system.

E-waste products are toxic and harmful. They may include but not limited to cadmium, barium, nickel, lead, mercury, zinc, and copper. Once they are spread out in the landfills, they may cause environmental pollution and contamination which can affect vastly our environment. The depletion of natural resources is one of the most visible negative effects.

Sanger Electronics Recycling Locations

Sanger locations are shown on the map above. We’re ready to serve you wherever you are in the locations. From now on, you can recycle these items.

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