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Secure E-Waste Recycling in Riverside, the rest of California and across the United States. With IT Asset Disposition, Hard Drive Destruction and On-Site Hard Drive Shredding, we are Riverside’s premier electronics recycling company.


Riverside Computer

Recycle computers in Riverside with our convenient e-waste pickup and recycling services. Our convenient electronic recycling options will ensure proper handling of all of your e-waste.

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Riverside Data

Secure Hard Drive Destruction services with options to wipe, degauss, crush or shred your data. Our secure Data Destruction options give you guaranteed peace of mind that your data is completely safe.


Riverside Hard Drive

Secure Shredding of Hard Drives in Riverside and the surrounding area is safe. We can send our special hard drive shredding system right to you and shred your hard drives while you watch.


Riverside IT Asset

Make your End-of-life IT Assets a source of revenue with ITAD services. When refreshing your IT Equipment, count on us to recycle, resell or destroy your old equipment according to your standards.

Electronics Recycling in Riverside, CA

Electronic gadgets are products of the innovative minds, which were brought to the market. These are the outcomes of sciences, which give a lot of entertainment and contentment to almost everyone. One person or a company can benefit from the different features this equipment can bring. However, as progress defines it, the obsolete accessories shall be replaced. Where should they be kept? In California, All Green Electronics Recycling is taking charge of everything by offering Riverside Electronics Recycling Service.

This is entirely beneficial for the city because our services cater to personal requests or company contracts of recycling electronic equipment with an assured high quality standard.

Electronic Recycling Services Offered In:

  • California City, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Oakland, CA
  • Irvine, CA
  • San Bernardino, CA
  • Fresno, CA
  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • Long Beach, CA
  • Stockton, CA
  • Carlsbad, CA
  • Casa Blanca, CA
  • Castle Park, CA
  • Woodcrest, CA
  • Jurupa Valley, CA
  • Belvedere Heights, CA
  • Home Gardens, CA
  • Edgemont, CA
  • Moreno Valley, CA
  • Belltown, CA
  • Crestmore Heights, CA

Riverside, California

The city got its name because of its location that is beside the Santa Ana River. According to census records, in the entire Inland Empire, this city has the largest population. However, in the whole state of California, it is on the 12th rank.

The city has invited many tourists because of its rich history as well as its very beautiful landscapes. Adding to its progress is the 28 neighborhoods. This motivates more the city to aim for progress every year.

In order to save the city’s natural beauty, we’re serving many people and companies who utilize electronics gadgets. This is to make sure that those obsolete units are made reusable again.

Riverside Electronics Recycling to Take Care of Your E-Wastes

According to great environmentalists, one should think that we are just borrowing the Earth from our children. This highlights the need to preserve nature so it can still be savored by the future generation. This is our goal, that is why we are bringing the Riverside Electronics Recycling team to help you.

Our group of technicians will take care of getting your gadgets and run them with our facility to determine which part can still be reused. We will generate reports so that you will know what you can still be earning from those materials you once considered to be trashes already.

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